Appel à contributions – Jews, Indians, Cannibals: Alterities in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), Harrisburg, PA, 4/3-6/2014
In recent decades, the representation of Jews, Indians, and Cannibals has become a familiar topic in medieval and early modern cultural studies. But scholarship has tended either to isolate these figures from one another (often on the basis of their distinct religious, ethnic, and mythic lineages) or lump them together under the catch-all categories of “Other” or “Monster,” whereby the Jew, the Indian, and the Cannibal are interchangeable variations on a similar theme. Moreover, medieval and early modern approaches to alterity have frequently been isolated from one another: so, discussion of the representations of Jews in the Prioress’s Tale and The Jew of Malta, of Indians in Mandeville’s Travels and The Discovery of Guiana, and of cannibals in Confessio Amantis and Titus Andronicus has been segregated by the historical, disciplinary, and institutional divide between the two fields—or, just as frequently, lead to the medieval imaginary acting as merely the source for the early modern imaginary rather than being in dialogue with it. This panel therefore seeks papers that put representations of Jews, Indians, and Cannibals into dialogue across medieval and early modern cultural contexts, however such a distinction might be understood; and it seeks papers that address the challenges and opportunities of doing so for historical, disciplinary, or institutional practice, so as to see what unites medieval and early modern studies as well as what divides them.
Please send 200-500 word abstracts by September 30, 2013, to Gavin Hollis ( or David Lavinsky ( Please include with your abstract:
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