Appel à contribution – Objects of Warfare: Presence & Representation

December 12-13, 2016
Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, IBZ

Interdisciplinary Conference of the Junior Research Group „Premodern Objects. An Archaeology of Experience“ (Elite Network of Bavaria / Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)

Today military objects such as helmets, suits of armor, swords, and shields from the ancient world, the Middle Ages and the early modern period comprise a considerable part of European craftwork. Furthermore, they have served as extremely popular subjects in literature and the fine arts since antiquity. The treatments of these artifacts in literature and art cannot, however, be understood as straightforward reflections of real-world objects and their materiality and use, but rather we must take into account the more complex dynamic between presence and representation in which such artifacts were historically situated. In their pictorial and textual treatments, objects took on new and unexpected applications and meanings through diverse processes of recontextualization, idealization, and alienation.

The workshop will take a twofold approach to such processes of object representation. First, it will examine the reception and transformation of military objects in literature, while bearing in mind the inherent laws of the narrative itself, in particular its capacity to act as a creative space and to generate significance. In addition, it will interrogate the artifacts and their imaginative depictions in literature with regard to their exemplary nature for, as well as modification through, the visual arts and art-theoretical writings. The workshop’s dual perspective aims to facilitate productive dialogue among the different disciplines of the arts and humanities that have to date shown an increased interest in military objects, either as realia or as textually and visually evoked objects. In particular, academics of History, Literary Studies, and Art History are invited to voice points of contact and difference within the traditions of premodern military artifacts.

Scholars from these and related disciplines are invited to propose contributions in German or English engaging with the outlined questions. The contributions will be pre-circulated and discussed during the workshop, rather than presented in the form of talks. A publication of the papers is planned.

Please direct your submissions (500 word abstract) along with a short biography by March 31, 2016 to and Travel and accomodation expenses will be covered.

Source : H-Soz-Kult

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