Publication – Guillebert De Mets, « Description de la ville de Paris, 1434. Medieval French text with English translation », éd. E. Mullally

Early-fifteenth-century Paris described by Guillebert De Mets from Geraardsbergen
In 1434 Guillebert from Geraardsbergen completed his description of Paris. It is a remarkable record of what was considered noteworthy at the time both historically and topographically. There are picturesque details which are often cited in annotations to the poetry of Francois Villon, notably concerning the Cemetery of the Innocents, the depiction of the Virgin and of heaven and hell in the Celestines and the reference to the famous beauties of the city. The author was an innkeeper and town councillor in his native Geraardsbergen, but also a profssional scribe involved in the book trade who was a ‘libraire’ for Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. The unique manuscript that contains this text also features an important illlustration by an otherwise unknown artist. A whole group of fifteenth-century Flemish manuscript illuminators is now associated with this master, who was given in 1915 the title ‘Master of Guillebert De Mets’.


The editor, Evelyn Mullally, is a retired senior lecturer in medieval French from the Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is the author of ‘Guide de Paris au Moyen Age’ Biro & Cohen Editeurs/Editions du Patrimoine, Paris, 2011.

Table des matières :
Introductory matter: the Work, the Author, the Sources, the Editions, the Manuscripts, Language, Patronage, the Administration of Medieval Paris, the Churches, the University of Paris, the Streets, Five ‘Grands Bourgeois’.

Text and rejected readings.

Translation and notes.

Informations pratiques :
Guillebert De Mets, Description de la ville de Paris, 1434. Medieval French text with English translation, éd. E. Mullally, Turnhout, Brepols, 2015 (Textes vernaculaires du Moyen Âge, 14). 180 p., 2 b/w ill., 156 x 234 mm. ISBN: 978-2-503-55496-9. Prix : 65 euros.

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Source : Brepols

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