Colloque – Pilgrimage, Shrines and Healing in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

A one day symposium at the University of Chester
24 June 2016


Programme :

09:00 Welcome & Coffee

09:15 Plenary I

Anthony Bale (Birkbeck): Pilgrimage and Collective Memory: The Flowery Field near Jerusalem
Chair: Dale Copley (Chester)

10:15 Panel 1: Pilgrims, Shrines and Materiality
Chair: Ruth Nugent (Chester)

Diane Heath (Canterbury Christ Church): Tokens of Affection? Pilgrim Tokens Sewn into a fifteenth-century French Horae
Sam Johnson (Birmingham City): ‘“He Who Would Valiant Be”: Exploring Pilgrimage and Hospitality in Early Modern Florence
Michael Tavinor (Hereford Cathedral): Shrines of the Saints: Annihilation at the Reformation?
11:30 Coffee

11:45 Panel 2: Pilgrimage and Healing in Early Modern Europe
Chair: Clare Hickman (Chester)

Annie Thwaite (Cambridge): Pilgrimage and Healing in Early Modern England
Kathryn Hurlock (MMU): ‘St Silin will cast a spell for you’: Local Pilgrimage and Healing in fifteenth and sixteenth-century North Wales and the March
Jenny Hillman (Chester): Healing Body and Soul: Spiritual Journeys in seventeenth-century France
13:00 Lunch

13:45 Panel 3: Devotion to the Saints: Pilgrimage and Gender
Chair: David Harry (Chester)

Ella Kilgallon (QMUL): The Pilgrimages of Angela of Foligno: The Road to Assisi
Einat Klafter (Geneva): Man as the Goal of Pilgrimage in the Book of Margery Kempe
Rose-Marie Peake (Helsinki): The Patroness of Paris and Moral Management: Saint Geneviève and the ideal semi-religious woman in seventeenth-century France
15:00 Tea

15:15 Panel 4: Spiritual Pilgrimage, Devotional Experiences & Agency
Chair: Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Chester)

Cynthia Neville (Dalhousie): Penitence, Reconciliation and Remission: The King’s Pardon in Thirteenth-Century Scotland
Matthew Coneys (Warwick): ‘Pensa bene, anima intellectiva’: Devotional Approaches to the Book of John Mandeville in fifteenth-century Italy
Alison Stedman (North Carolina): Pilgrimage and Individual Agency in seventeenth-century France

16:30 Plenary II

Elizabeth Tingle (DMU): Long-Distance Pilgrimage and the Counter Reformation in France: Sacred Journeys to the Mont Saint-Michel 1520 to 1750.
Chair: Jenny Hillman (Chester)

17:30 Discussion & Future Directions
18:00 Close
19:00 Dinner

Source : University of Chester

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