Publication – « Agrarian Technology in the Medieval Landscape », éd. J. Klapste

Ruralia X includes 27 papers dealing with agrarian technologies in the medieval landscape as seen in different European countries. The subject areas include cultivation, livestock husbandry, gardening, viticulture and woodland management – interpreting the concept of agrarian production in a broad sense – studied mainly on the basis of archaeology, but also using iconography, documentary evidence and archaeo-environmental approaches.

Ruralia X, marks an important step on the way towards interpreting innovation, as well as understanding the varieties of agrarian activity from a Europe-wide perspective.

Authors from 14 countries provide a broad overview of the current issues, complemented by extensive bibliographies. Ruralia X represents one of the current fields of European archaeological research and offers a solid foundation for further comparative studies.


Table des matières :

Alan Aberg – Ruralia – a retrospect: 1994–2014

Stephen Moorhouse – James Bond – An approach to understanding medieval field systems across Europe: the structure and anatomy of township field systems
Stephen Moorhouse – Features within medieval township farming landscapes in Yorkshire and their function
James Bond – Continental plant introductions to medieval monastic gardens in Britain
Piers Dixon – Mukked and folded land: the evidence of field data for medieval cultivation techniques in Scotland
Alice Forward – John Hines – Cosmeston, South Wales: Conquest, colonisation and material culture change
Niall Brady – What the plough can reveal about the role of agrarian technology in the changing nature of early medieval Ireland
Ingvild Øye – Agrarian technology and land use in Scandinavian landscapes c. 800-1300 AD
Vibeke Vandrup Martens – North Norwegian farm mounds – economic resources and landscape conditions
Janicke Larsen – Archaeological investigations of an agrarian landscape in western Norway – the fjord farm Indre Matre
Catarina Karlsson – Increase in iron production – a prerequisite for change in the medieval landscape
Janken Myrdal – Alexandra Sapoznik – Spade cultivation and intensification of land use 1000–1300: written sources, archaeology and images
Lars Agersnap Larsen – The mouldboard plough in the Danish area 200-1500 AD
Peter Steen Henriksen – Norse agriculture in Greenland? Farming in a remote medieval landscape
Johan P. W. Verspay – Structuring landscape, shaping community
Hans Renes – Landscape history and archaeology of open fields in Europe
Philippe Mignot – Nicolas Schroeder – Agrarian practices and landscape in the estate of Wellin (Belgium) from the Early Middle Ages to the Modern Period: Archaeology and History
Nicolas Poirier – Archaeological evidence for agrarian manuring: Studying the time-space dynamics of agricultural areas with surface-collected off-site material
Margarita Fernández Mier – Pablo Alonso González – Medieval north-west Spain: What can agrarian archaeology tell us about living rural landscapes?
Josep Torró – Agricultural drainage technology in medieval Mediterranean Iberia (13th–16th centuries)
Paolo de Vingo – The material culture and agricultural traditions in the early medieval eastern Merovingian areas: a new study proposal
Rainer Schreg – Mittelalterliche Feldstrukturen in deutschen Mittelgebirgslandschaften – Forschungsfragen, Methoden und Herausforderungen für Archäologie und Geographie
Iris Nießen – Perspectives of the analysis of toponyms in the framework of settlement and environmental archaeology. Methods and research practice at the Stubersheimer Alb (Swabian Alb, Southern Germany)
Miklós Takács – The archaeological investigation of medieval agrarian tools and techniques in Hungary – an overview of some rarely quoted analyses
Szabina Merva – Potential husbandry strategies in 10th-century settlements in the Carpathian Basin. A case study: Two early medieval sites along the River Danube
Rozália Bajkai – On the agrarian technology of the Avar Period in Hungary. Grinding stones and quern-stones from Hajdúnánás – Mácsi-dűlő
Zdeňka Měchurová – Das Bauernjahr vom Mittelalter zur Neuzeit – Feldarbeiten und Landwirtschaftsgeräte dem Kalender nach. Archäologische Funde aus mittelalterlichen Ortswüstungen im Vergleich mit bildlichen Quellen und ethnographischen Belegen

Informations pratiques :
J. Klapste (ed.), Agrarian Technology in the Medieval Landscape. Agrartechnik in mittelalterlichen Landschaften. Technologie agraire dans le paysage médiéval. 9th – 15th September 2013 Smolenice, Slovakia, Turnhout, Brepols, 2016 (Ruralia, 10). XVIII+448 p., 210 x 297 mm, 2016. ISBN: 978-2-503-55137-1. Prix : 90 euros.

Source : Brepols

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