Colloque – The Spectacle of the Flesh. Iconic Living Bodies in Late Antiquity and Beyond

Roma, 30 – 31 maggio 2016
Villino Stroganoff
Via Gregoriana 22, 00187 Roma

in collaborazione con Istituto Svizzero di Roma

Via Gregoriana 28
00187 Roma (I)

Anna Paulinyi
(+39) 06 69 99 32 27

Ornella Rodengo
(+39) 06 69 99 32 22

Spectacle of the Flesh

Programme :

Monday, 30 May

11:00 Welcome – Tanja Michalsky
Introduction – Michele Bacci

I. Negotiating iconicity with the ancient heritage
Moderation: Michele Bacci(Fribourg)

11:20 Maria Luisa Catoni (Lucca) – Stylization of the body and embodied values in Classical Antiquity.
11:50 James A. Francis (Kentucky) – Images as people and people as images: Concomitant themes from Homer to Christian Antiquity.
Coffee break

12:40 Valerio Neri (Bologna) – L’ imperatore come icona vivente nelle rappresentazioni letterarie della tarda antichità
13:10 Discussion
Lunch break

II. Constructing iconicity in late Antiquity
Moderation: Barbara Bruderer-Eichberg (Rome)

15:00 Vladimir Ivanovici (Rome/Mendrisio) – Embodying one’s god: Initiation and iconicity in Late Antiquity.
15:30 Donatella Tronca (Bologna) – Spectacula turpitudinum: Dancing bodies between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.
16:00 Hannah Hunt (Leeds) – Late Antique Syria: The body in text and community.
16:30 Discussion

Keynote Lecture : 17:30 Georgia Frank (New York) – Monks as living statues in Late Antiquity.

Tuesday, 31 May

III. The materiality of sanctity in late Antiquity
Moderation: Daniela Mondini (Mendrisio)

9:30 Jean-Michel Spieser (Fribourg) – Mise en scène du corps du Christ dans l’Antiquité tardive paléochrétienne.
10:00 Heather Hunter-Crawley (Swansea) – Distributing the iconic body: Qal’at Sem’an and the agency of Symeon Stylites the Elder.
10:30 Maria Cristina Carile (Bologna) – Iconic sacred substances: Material expressions of imperial space and body.
11:00 Discussion
Coffee break

IV. Medieval and Middle Byzantine Heritage
Moderation: Tanja Michalsky (Rome)

11:40 Warren T. Woodfin (New York) – Hidden in plain sight: The clerical body as vanishing point.
12:10 Pierre-Yves Theler (Fribourg) – Healing severed limbs: Loss, restoration, and transformation of corporeal integrity in the Later Middle Ages.
Lunch break

14:00 Klaus Krüger (Berlin) – Real and yet spiritual, fleshly and yet fictional, bodily and yet iconic: The aesthetics of figura in Late Medieval Art.
14:30 Discussion

15:00 Conclusion: Vladimir Ivanovici

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