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Benedictines carry on a monastic tradition that stems from the origins of the Christian monastic movement in the late third century, regarding Benedict as their founder and guide even though he did not establish a Benedictine Order as such. He wrote a Rule for his monastery at Monte Cassino in Italy and he foresaw that it could be used elsewhere. The Rule found its way to monasteries in England, Gaul, and elsewhere. At first it was one of a number of rules accepted by a particular monastery but later, especially through its promotion by Charlemagne and his son Louis, it became the rule of choice for both male and female monasteries of Europe from the ninth century onwards.

This interdisciplinary conference will examine all aspects of Benedictine life in the period 800 – 1900 and welcomes papers from researchers in fields including History, Literary Studies, Theology, Philosophy, Musicology and Art History. Proposals (c. 200 words) for papers of 20 minutes should be emailed to by 29th July, 2016. Panel proposals consisting of three speakers are also encouraged, as are papers from postgraduates.

Source : Ordensgeschichte

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