Publication – The Medieval Low Countries, 3 (2016)

Johanna Maria van Winter – Utrecht, the Mother of Dorestat. The Relations between Two Early Medieval Settlements and their Churches in the Frontier Region of Frisians and Franks

Sam Janssens – Context or Text? Towards a New Interpretation of Gerard I of Cambrai’s Oration on the Three Orders

Hartwig Kersken – … nos gerentes ad instar canonicarum secularium … Das Problem der Verfassung religiöser Frauengemeinschaften im Mittelalter am Beispiel des ‘Stifts’ Thorn

Jim van der Meulen – Vassalage and Authority. The Knightly Estate of Fourteenth-Century Brabant

Miyako Sugiyama – An Image for ‘All Truly Penitent’. Reconsidering the Function of the Madonna of Jan Vos by Jan van Eyck and His Workshop

Lisa Demets – The Late Medieval Manuscript Transmission of the Excellente Cronike van Vlaenderen in Urban Flanders

Hugo Soly – Social Relations, Political Balances of Power, and Perceptions of Big Business. Contrasting Images of Merchants in Northern Italy, the Low Countries, and Southern Germany in the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries


Informations pratiques :
The Medieval Low Countries, 3 (2016). VI+288 p., 7 b/w ill., 156 x 234 mm. ISBN: 978-2-503-56602-3. Prix : 74 euros.

Source : Brepols

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