Séminaire – Medieval and Ancient Research Centre at the University of Sheffield (MARCUS)

MARS is a seminar series that brings together the wealth of research conducted on the ancient and medieval worlds within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. This year’s programme (2016-17) covers topics ranging from childhood in Roman Egypt through to letter-writing in the French Renaissance.

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are held at the Humanities Research Institute, Wednesdays at 5:30 pm – with refreshments from 5 pm. All welcome.


Programme :

Week 1 (Weds 8 Feb)
Charlotte Steenbrugge (English)
‘Questioning God’s Justice in the Middle English Abraham and Isaac Plays’

Week 3 (Weds 22 Feb)
Miriam Czock (Duisburg-Essen)
‘Legal brokers: Men in the middle in legal transactions of the early and high Middle Ages’
This paper is supported by a Faculty research grant

Week 5 (Weds 8 March)
Meredith Warren (SIIBS)
‘Shiny Happy People: Tropes of Light and Brilliance in Hellenistic Romance Novels’

Week 7 (Weds 22 March)
Joshua Bengough Smith (Lang)
‘Language and identity in Renaissance French women’s correspondence’
Mary Young (Hist)
“‘Totum mendacium et inutile”: the trials and tribulations of a ninth-century librarian’

Week 8 (Weds 29 March)
Daniele Miano (Hist)
‘The gods of ancient Capua between cultic continuity and linguistic discontinuity’

Week 10 (Weds 3 May) in collaboration with the Hunter Society
Efi Nikita (Arch)
‘Assessing the biocultural dimensions of identity in ancient Boeotia: first insights’

Week 11 (Weds 10 May)
Genetics and migration roundtable, with Andy Grierson (SITraN) and John Moreland (Arch)

Week 12 (THURS 18 May, 7.30pm) in collaboration with the Classical Association and the Historical Association
Emma Stafford (Leeds)
‘Classical allegory in the Victorian-Edwardian north of England’.

Source : University of Sheffield

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