Publication – « Die rhythmischen Martinsschriften Guiberts von Gembloux (BHL 5636 / 5637) », éd. et commentaire par Peter Orth

Martin of Tours is one of the most popular saints of the Middle Ages and, accordingly, his hagiographical afterlife is tremendously rich. In the twelfth century, Martinian studies flourished again and Guibert Martin of Gembloux († 1213) was an outstanding collector of ancient and modern material about his favourite patron, which he used as a basis for various works of his own. In the centre of this biographical and didactical project Guibert placed two rhythmical poems, which he dedicated to the life of Martin (Libellus panegericus) and an impressive series of his venerators (Libellus de specialibus piissimi patroni veneratoribus). In this book Peter Orth provides the first critical edition of both poems with about 12,000 rhythmical lines, together with an introduction, commentary and indices.

Peter Orth, Ph.D. (1992), was appointed Professor for Medieval Latin Philology at the University of Cologne in 2006. His main research areas are Medieval Latin poetry, epistolography, crusade literature, the history of Latin prosody and grammar in the medieval and early modern periods, as well as Latin palaeography and editorial technique.

Informations pratiques :
Die rhythmischen Martinsschriften Guiberts von Gembloux (BHL 5636 / 5637), éd. et commentaire par Peter Orth, Leyde, Brill, 2016 (Mittellateinische Studien und Texte, 50). approx. 240 pp. ISBN : 9789004335608. Prix : 116 euros.

Source : Brill

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