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The Migration period (4th-5th centuries AD) and its aftermath was a formative phase in the history of the lands bordering the North Sea. Migrations resulted in the formation of new societies. These groups not only developed new identities, but also a shared maritime culture that tied the North Sea communities together and placed them within a wider trading and exchange network that included Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Our knowledge of these developments is fragmented, since it is part of different fields (archaeology, language, toponomy, genetics, early literature studies) and it is often hidden in national and regional studies.


Our aim is to come to a better understanding of the events and processes that took place in this period: Is the evidence indicative of migration of people or rather of ideas? Was migration ‘pushed’ by unfavourable circumstances or ‘pulled’ by attractions in the regions of destination? How large were the groups of migrants? Can we discern different phases and origins? How did new identities, polities and cultural expressions emerge from this patchwork of migrant and autochthonous groups?

In this session we seek papers that approach the early medieval history of the North Sea area from different angles and regions. They may focus on traces of migration and inter-regional contacts, such as imports or changing styles and customs, evidence of continuity and discontinuity, or water routes and landing places. Papers that combine archaeological and historical sources are very welcome.

This session complements session no. 20: Beyond migration: interdisciplinary approaches to mobility in early medieval Europe

Submission for papers & posters will be open 3rd February – 15th March 2017.
Go to for submitting your abstract and for further information on EAA 2017.

Please contact the organisers if you are interested in joining this session:
Annet Nieuwhof (, Pieterjan Deckers (, Johan Nicolay ( or Annette Siegmüller (

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