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Though England was the emerging super-state in the medieval British Isles, its story is not the only one Britain can offer; there is a wider context of Britain in Europe, and the story of this period is one of how European Latin and French culture and ideals colonised the minds of all the British peoples. This engaging and accessible introduction offers a truly integrated perspective of medieval British history, emphasising elements of medieval life over political narrative, and offering an up-to-date presentation and summary of medieval historiography. Featuring figures, maps, a glossary of key terms, a chronology of rulers, timelines and annotated suggestions for further reading and key texts, this textbook is an essential resource for undergraduate courses on medieval Britain. Supplementary online resources include additional further reading suggestions, useful links and primary sources.


Table des matières :


Part I. The Empire of Britain:
1. A century of conquest: 1000–1100
2. Francophone Britain: 1100–1217

Part II. Living in Medieval Britain:
3. Peoples and languages
4. Monarchy
5. The State
6. Establishing the Church
7. The wealth of Britain
8. The organisation of society
9. Life experience
10. Material Britain

Part III. The Great Divorce:
11. Redefining Britain, 1217–1337
12. Scotland, 1306–1514
13. Dynastic struggles, 1337–1485


Informations pratiques :
David Crouch, Medieval Britain, c.1000–1500, Cambridge, 2017. 247 x 174 mm, 19 colour illus. 6 maps. ISBN : 9780521149679. Prix : 22,99£.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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