Publication – « Noble society. Five lives from twelfth-century Germany », translated and edited by Jonathan R. Lyon

This book provides scholars and students alike with a set of texts that can deepen their understanding of the culture and society of the twelfth-century German kingdom. The sources translated here bring to life the activities of five noblemen and noblewomen from Rome to the Baltic coast and from the Rhine River to the Alpine valleys of Austria. To read these five sources together is to appreciate how interconnected political, military, economic, religious and spiritual interests could be for some of the leading members of medieval German society-and for the authors who wrote about them. Whether fighting for the emperor in Italy, bringing Christianity to pagans in what is today northern Poland, or founding, reforming and governing monastic communities in the heartland of the German kingdom, the subjects of these texts call attention to some of the many ways that noble life shaped the world of central medieval Europe.

Jonathan R. Lyon is Associate Professor of History at the University of Chicago.


Table des matières :

I The deeds of Margrave Wiprecht of Groitzsch (d. 1124), translated, annotated and introduced by Jonathan R. Lyon and Lisa Wolverton
II The life of Bishop Otto of Bamberg (d. 1139), by a monk of Prüfening
III The life of an unnamed magistra of Admont (d. mid-twelfth century)
IV The life of Mechthild of Diessen (d. 1160), by Engelhard of Langheim
V The deeds of Count Ludwig of Arnstein (d. 1185)

Informations pratiques :
Noble society. Five lives from twelfth-century Germany, translated and edited by Jonathan R. Lyon, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2017 (Manchester Medieval Sources). 288 p. ISBN: 978-0-7190-9103-2. Prix : 19,99 £.

Source : Manchester University Press

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