Colloque – Reflections of a Militarised World? Perceptions and conceptions of war and the military in the early Middle Ages (ca. 500-1000)

19th to 21st September 2017
Topoi-Haus, Hittorfstraße 18, 14195 Berlin

Conference organised in the framework of the project „Militarisierung frühmittelalterlicher Gesellschaften. Erscheinungsformen, Regulierung und Wahrnehmung im westeuropäischen Vergleich“ funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.


Reflections of a militarised world

Programme :

19. September

Stefan Esders (Berlin), Introduction. The ‘Post-Roman Militarization Index’ and the Early Medieval Kingdoms.

Sektion I: Assessing Militarisation (Moderation: Miriam Czock, Duisburg-Essen)

Edward James (London), Militarisation. Twenty Years On.
Laury Sarti (Freiburg), Perceptions and Conceptions of War and the Military as Reflections of a Militarised World.

Sektion II: War and Christian Thought (Moderation: Miriam Czock)

Uta Heil (Wien), Swords in Christian Hands. Reflections on Gregory the Great.
Hans-Werner Goetz (Hamburg), Holy Wars? Religious Wars? The Perception of Religious Motives of Warfare against non-Christian Enemies in Ninth-Century Chronicles.
Yannis Stouraitis (Wien), Just war in Leo VI’s Tactica as a Hallmark of Imperial Romanness in early tenth-century Byzantium.

20. September

Sektion III: Assessments of the Warrior (Moderation: Ryan Lavelle, Winchester)

Ellora Bennett (Berlin), Construction of the Enemy in Pre-Viking England.
Thomas Wittkamp (Freiburg), Weapons and Warriors in the Gesta Karoli of Notker the Stammerer – Evidence of a Militarised World?

Sektion IV: Perceptions of Military Combat (Moderation: Stefan Esders)

Stefanie Dick (Bonn), Krieg und Gewalt in der Darstellung des Paulus Diaconus
Guido M. Berndt (Berlin), Lombard Warfare. Some Observations from the Perspective of Non-Lombard Sources.
Thomas Scharff (Braunschweig), Defining battle in the Carolingian Age. Perceptions, Attributions and Appraisals.
Michel Summer (Freiburg), Images of war? A Reconsideration of the Figural Scenes on Early Medieval Helmets and other Items from north-western Europe

Sektion V: Representations of Warfare (Moderation: Ryan Lavelle, Winchester)

Magali Coumert (Brest), Violence, Trickeries and Fights in Origin Accounts of the early Middle Ages.
Stefano Gasparri (Venedig), “Gens Germana gente ferocior”. Lombards and Warfare between Representation and Reality.

21. September

Sektion VI: Why battles were fought (Moderation: Laury Sarti)

Pablo Poveda Arias (Salamanca), The Role of War in the Construction of Visigothic Kingdom in Hispania (507–589). Motivations, Perceptions and Factors of Military Cohesion.
Etienne Renard (Namur), Motives and Justification for Frankish Military Campaigns.

Sektion VII: Assessments of Fighting (Moderation: Laury Sarti)

Simon Coupland (Cambridge), Warrior or Wimp? Charles the Bald as Military Commander.
Philip Rance (Berlin), “Displaying Many Wounds”. The Portrayal and Symbolism of Combat Injuries in early Medieval Warfare (4th-7th centuries).
Ryan Lavelle (Winchester) und Philipp von Rummel (Berlin), Summary and Final Remarks.

Source : Freie Universität Berlin

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