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In cooperation with our partners the cda-team has examined over 1015 paintings in 118 collections and churches employing new methods such as digital infrared reflectography, that enables the compositional design beneath the paint layers to be seen. By this means new insights were gained concerning the working process and the division of labour within the Cranach workshop. The results of the examination are freely accessible in the research archive and essays evaluating the results can be downloaded.


Transcriptions from Archival Material

Numerous archival documents relating to Lucas Cranach the Elder in the Ernestine Archive were digitalized for the first time for the Cranach Digital Archive in cooperation with the Central State Archive of Thuringia, Weimar and transcribed anew by Monika and Dieter Lücke. At present receipts from account books (40 files with c. 100 pages of archival material) listing invoices for material and contract work, including the work for the castle of Torgau, various letters and the ‘Turkish tax’ tax register for the town of Wittenberg have been published online.

Documents from the city archive in Kronach recording the court case against the Cranach family have for the first time been completely processed and published.

At present about 1,000 receipts from the city archive of Wittenberg (up to 1550) are being processed, as well as the archive of St. Maria, the parish church of Wittenberg. To complement this, further documents in the Thuringia Central Archive in Weimar will be accessed, as well as documents in the State archives of Dresden, Schwerin and Magdeburg.

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