Publication (open access) – « The Digital Middle Ages: A Speculum Supplement », éd. David J. Birnbaum, Sheila Bonde, Mike Kestemont

The Digital Middle Ages: A Speculum Supplement, éd. David J. Birnbaum, Sheila Bonde, Mike Kestemont, dans Speculum, 97, number S1, Ocotber 2017.

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Speculum 2017

Table des matières :

The Digital Middle Ages: An Introduction – David J. Birnbaum, Sheila Bonde, Mike Kestemont

The History and Provenance of Manuscripts in the Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps: New Approaches to Digital Representation – Toby Burrows

Scribal Attribution across Multiple Scripts: A Digitally Aided Approach – Peter A. Stokes

Artificial Paleography: Computational Approaches to Identifying Script Types in Medieval Manuscripts – Mike Kestemont, Vincent Christlein,

New Light on the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Manuscript: Multispectral Imaging and the Cotton Nero A.x. Illustrations – Murray McGillivray, Christina Duffy

Locating Medieval French, or Why We Collect and Visualize the Geographic Information of Texts – David Joseph Wrisley

Mapping Illuminated Manuscripts: Applying GIS concepts to Lancelot-Grail Manuscripts – M. Alison Stones

Bernard of Clairvaux and Nicholas of Montiéramey: Tracing the Secretarial Trail with Computational Stylistics – Jeroen De Gussem

Algorithmic Analysis of Medieval Arabic Biographical Collections – Maxim Romanov

A Quantitative Analysis of Toponyms in a Manuscript of Marco Polo’s Devisement du monde (London, British Library, MS Royal 19 D 1) – Mark Cruse

Digital Corpora and Scholarly Editions of Latin Texts: Features and Requirements of Textual Criticism – Franz Fischer

Construction–Deconstruction–Reconstruction: The Digital Representation of Architectural Process at the Abbey of Notre-Dame d’Ourscamp – Sheila Bonde, Alexis Coir, Clark Maines

Soundscapes of Byzantium – Spyridon Antonopoulos, Sharon E. J. Gerstel, Chris Kyriakakis, Konstantinos T. Raptis, James Donahue

Icons of Sound: Auralizing the Lost Voice of Hagia Sophia – Bissera V. Pentcheva, Jonathan S. Abel

Source : Speculum

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