Publication – Ingrid Rembold, « Conquest and Christianization Saxony and the Carolingian World, 772–888 »

Following its violent conquest by Charlemagne (772–804), Saxony became both a Christian and a Carolingian region. This book sets out to re-evaluate the political integration and Christianization of Saxony and to show how the success of this transformation has important implications for how we view governance, the institutional church, and Christian communities in the early Middle Ages. A burgeoning array of Carolingian regional studies are pulled together to offer a new synthesis of the history of Saxony in the Carolingian Empire and to undercut the narrative of top-down Christianization with a more grassroots model that highlights the potential for diversity within Carolingian Christianity. This book is a comprehensive and accessible account which will provide students with a fresh view of the incorporation of Saxony into the Carolingian world.


Table des matières :

Part I. Politics of Conquest:
1. The Saxon Wars
2. The Stellinga
Part II. Conversion and Christianization:
3. Founders and patrons
4. Religion and society

Informations pratiques :

Ingrid Rembold, Conquest and Christianization Saxony and the Carolingian World, 772–888, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017. 228 x 152 mm. 1 b/w illus. 5 maps. ISBN : 9781107196216. Prix : 75,00 £.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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