Publication – « History after Hobsbawm. Writing the Past for the Twenty-First Century », éd. John H. Arnold, Matthew Hilton et Jan Rüger

What does it mean – and what might it yet come to mean – to write ‘history’ in the twenty-first century? History After Hobsbawm brings together leading historians from across the globe to ask what being an historian should mean in their particular fields of study. Taking their cue from one of the previous century’s greatest historians, Eric Hobsbawm, and his interests across many periods and places, the essays approach their subjects with an underlying sense of what role an historian might seek to play, and attempt to help twenty-first-century society understand ‘how we got here’. They present new work in their sub-fields but also point to how their specialisms are developing, how they might further grow in the future, and how different areas of focus might speak to the larger challenges of history – both for the discipline itself and for its relationship to other fields of academic inquiry. Like Hobsbawn, the authors in this collection know that history matters. They speak to both the past and the present and, in so doing, introduce some of the most exciting new lines of research in a broad array of subjects from the medieval period to the present.


Table des matières :


1: The Challenges of History, John H Arnold, Matthew J Hilton, and Jan Rüger


2: Gendering Property, Racing Capital, Catherine Hall
3: Writing Europe into the History of the British Empire, Jan Rüger
4: Indigenous Comparisons, Renaud Morieux
5: Hobsbawm and Researching the History of Nationalism, John Breuilly
6: Decolonisation as Tragedy, Bill Schwarz


7: Jiangnan style: doing global economic history in the medieval period, Chris Wickham
8: Global history and the transformation of early modern Europe, Maxine Berg
9: Industry, Working Lives, Nation and Empire, viewed through some key Welsh woollen objects, Pat Hudson
10: Social and environmental history in the Anthropocene, Paul Warde
11: Material Histories of the World: Scales and Dynamics, Frank Trentmann


12: Five swans over Littleport: fenland folklore and popular memory, c. 1810-1978, Andy Wood
13: Rethinking Gender and Labour History, Sonya Rose and Sean Brady
14: Postcolonial History as War History in the Twentieth Century, Yasmin Khan
15: The People’s History and the Politics of Everyday Life since 1945, Jon Lawrence
16: A Visit to the Dead: Genealogy and the Historian, Alison Light


17: A ‘Slight Angle to the Universe’: Eric Hobsbawm, Politics, and History, Geoff Eley


Informations pratiques :

John H. Arnold, Matthew Hilton et Jan Rüger (éd.), History after Hobsbawm. Writing the Past for the Twenty-First Century, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2017. 352 Pages | 32 figures/illustrations. 234x156mm. ISBN: 9780198768784. Prix : 75,00 £.

Source : Oxford University Press

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