Publication – « Writing History in the Anglo-Norman World. Manuscripts, Makers and Readers, c.1066-c.1250 », éd. Laura Cleaver et Andrea Worm

History was a subject popular with authors and readers in the Anglo-Norman world. The volume and richness of historical writing in the lands controlled by the kings of England, particularly from the twelfth century, has long attracted the attention of historians and literary scholars, whilst editions of works by such writers as Orderic Vitalis, John of Worcester, Symeon of Durham, William of Malmesbury, Gerald of Wales, Roger of Howden, and Matthew Paris has made them well known. Yet the easy availability of modern editions obscures both the creation and circulation of histories in the Middle Ages.
This collection of essays returns to the processes involved in writing history, and in particular to the medieval manuscript sources in which the works of such historians survive. It explores the motivations of those writing about the past in the Middle Ages, and the evidence provided by manuscripts for the circumstances in which copies were made. It also addresses the selection of material for copying, combinations of text and imagery, and the demand for copies of particular works, shedding new light on how and why history was being read, reproduced, discussed, adapted, and written.

Laura Cleaver is the Ussher Lecturer in Medieval Art, Trinity College Dublin; Andrea Worm is an Assistant Professor at the Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz. Contributors: Stephen Church, Kathryn Gerry, Anne Lawrence-Mathers, Laura Pani, Charles C. Rozier, Gleb Schmidt, Laura Slater, Michael Staunton, Caoimhe Whela.


Table des matières :

Introduction: Making and Reading History Books in the Anglo-Norman World
Did the Purpose of History Change in England in the Twelfth Century? – Michael Staunton
England’s Place within Salvation History: An Extended Version of Peter of Poitiers’ Compendium Historiae in London, British Library, Cotton MS Faustina B VII – Andrea Worm
Computus and Chronology in Anglo-Norman England – Anne Lawrence-Mathers
A Saint Petersburg Manuscript of Excerptio Roberti Herefordensis de Chronica Mariani Scotti – Gleb Schmidt
Autograph History Books in the Twelfth Century – Laura Cleaver
Paul the Deacon’s Historia Langobardorum in Anglo-Norman England – Laura Pani
Durham Cathedral Priory and its Library of History, c. 1090 – c. 1150 – Charlie Rozier
King John’s Books and the Interdict in England and Wales – Stephen D. Church
Artistic Patronage and the Early Anglo-Norman Abbots of St Albans – Kathryn Gerry
Matthew Paris, Cecilia de Sanford and the Early Readership of the Vie de Seint Auban – Laura Slater
New Readers, Old History: Gerald of Wales and the Anglo-Norman Invasion of Ireland – Caoimhe Whelan

Informations pratiques :

Laura Cleaver et Andrea Worm (éd.), Writing History in the Anglo-Norman World. Manuscripts, Makers and Readers, c.1066-c.1250, Boydell & Brewer, 2018. 5 colour, 31 black and white illustrations. 288 pages. 23.4×15.6 cm. ISBN: 9781903153802. Prix : 60,00 £.

Source : Boydell & Brewer

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