Publication – « Italy and Early Medieval Europe. Papers for Chris Wickham », dir. Ross Balzaretti, Julia Barrow, and Patricia Skinner

A comprehensive survey of recent work in Medieval Italian history and archaeology by an international cast of contributors, arranged within a broader context of studies on other regions and major historical transitions in Europe, c.400 to c.1400CE. Each of the contributors reflect on the contribution made to the field by Chris Wickham, whose own work spans studies based on close archival work, to broad and ambitious statements on economic and social change in the transition from Roman to medieval Europe, and the value of comparing this across time and space.

Italy and Med Europe

Table des matières :

Italy and the Early Middle Ages: a Journey through Time and Space, Ross Balzaretti, Julia Barrow and Patricia Skinner
Chris – An Appreciation, Janet Nelson
Lodare ‘il Wickham’, Cristina La Rocca

Part One – Lords and Peasants: Frames for the Middle Ages

1: Social Cohesion, Breaks and Transformations in Italy, 535-600, Walter Pohl
2: The Roman Origins of the Northumbrian Kingdom, Ian Wood
3: Langobardi in the Sixth Century without Paulus Diaconus, Patrick Geary
4: Boni homini in Northern Iberia: a Particularity that Raises some General Questions, Wendy Davies
5: Gender and the Gift: the Giving and Receiving of Women in Early Medieval England, Pauline Stafford
6: Still Fussing about Feudalism, Susan Reynolds
7: Travail, Salaire et Pauvreté au Moyen Âge, Laurent Feller
8: Bastard Feudalism and the Framing of Thirteenth-Century England, Peter Coss
9: Changing Rural Settlements in the Early Middle Ages in Central and northern Italy: Towards the Centralization of Rural Property, Marco Valenti
10: Between the City and the Countryside: the Aristocracy in the March of Tuscia (late tenth – early twelfth centuries), Maria Elena Cortese
11: Riflessioni sulle Economie dei Secoli X e XI: Palermo e Roma a Confronto, Alessandra Molinari
12: Reframing Norman Italy, Sandro Carocci
13: Labour Services and Peasant Obligations in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Southern Italy, Graham A. Loud

Part Two – Texts and Memories

14: An Arena of Abuses and Competing Powers: Rome in Cassiodorus’, Cristina La Rocca
15: Topographic Memory, Lisa Fentress
16: The Damnatio Memoriae of Pope Constantine II (767-768), Rosamond McKitterick
17: Fame and its Vagaries in the Middle Ages, Antonio Sennis
18: Archives and Social Change in Italy, c.900-1100: the Evidence of Dispute Notices, Marios Costambeys
19: Disputed Possession, Legal Process and Memory in Thirteenth-Century Lombardy: the case of Guastalla and Luzzara (1193-1227), Edward Coleman
20: ‘To Destroy a City so Great and Remarkable’: Lamentation, Panegyric and the Idea of the Medieval City, Paul Oldfield

Part Three – Economic Resources

21: ‘Framing’ and Lighting: Another Angle on Transition, Paul Fouracre
22: Lands and Lights in Early Medieval Rome, Joanna Story
23: Garden Cities in Medieval Italy, Caroline Goodson
24: Chestnuts in Charters: Evidence for Specialised Production in Tenth-Century Genoa and Milan, Ross Balzaretti
25: The ‘Life Aquatic’ on Athos in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries, Rosemary Morris
26: Public Powers, Private Powers and the Exploitation of Metals for Coinage: the Case of Medieval Tuscany, Giovanna Bianchi
27: Coinage and the Tributary Mode of Production, Eduardo Manzano Moreno
28: Comparing Medieval Iceland with Other Regions: Problems and Possibilities, Chris Callow
29: Early Medieval Wales and Calabria: a Mountain of Problems?, Patricia Skinner

Part Four – The Spiritual Economy

30: Devozione longobarda, Paolo Delogu
31: Cursing and Curing, or The Practice of Christianity in Eighth-Century Rome, Julia Smith
32: Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Views on Islam and on Jih?d, c.900 CE: a Papal Connection?, John Haldon
33: The Two Republics: Ecclesia and the Public Domain in the Carolingian World, Mayke de Jong
34: Developing Definitions of Reform in the Church in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries, Julia Barrow
35: Memory, Gift and Politics: Matilda of Tuscany and her Donations to St Peter, Régine Le Jan
36: Como and Padua, Frances Andrews

Informations pratiques :

Ross Balzaretti, Julia Barrow, and Patricia Skinner (dir.), Italy and Early Medieval Europe. Papers for Chris Wickham, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2018. 592 Pages | 34 black and white figures/tables/maps. 234x156mm. ISBN: 9780198777601. Prix : 85 £.

Source : Oxford University Press

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