Publication – Ingrid Falque, « Devotional Portraiture and Spiritual Experience in Early Netherlandish Painting »

In Devotional Portraiture and Spiritual Experience Ingrid Falque analyses the meditative functions of early Netherlandish paintings including devotional portraits, that is portraits of people kneeling in prayer. Such paintings have been mainly studied in the context of commemorative and social practices, but as Ingrid Falque shows, they also served as devotional instruments.

By drawing parallels between the visual strategies of these paintings and texts of the major spiritual writers of the medieval Low Countries, she demonstrates that paintings with devotional portraits functioned as a visualisation of the spiritual process of the sitters.

The book is accompanied by the first exhaustive catalogue of paintings with devotional portraits produced in the Low Countries between c. 1400 and 1550. This catalogue is available at no costs in e-format and can also be purchased as a printed hardcover book.


Table des matières :

Figures and Graph
Note to the Reader

Ora pro me. The Forms and Locations of Devotional Portraits in Early Netherlandish Painting
Via ad Deum. Devotional Portraiture and the Spiritual Journey
Ascensiones in corde disposuit. Devotional Portraiture and the Spiritual Ascent
Eene vergaderinghe van twee personen die comen van diverschen staden. Devotional Portraiture, Union with God and Spiritual Perfection
In spiritualem quandam armoniam. Devotional Portraiture and the Role of Images in the Meditative Process

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Informations pratiques :

Ingrid Falque, Devotional Portraiture and Spiritual Experience in Early Netherlandish Painting, Brill, 2019. 336 pages, 111 full-color illustrations, plus e-catalogue (952 pp, 535 full-color illustrations). ISBN : 9789004397606. Pri : 124 euros.

Source : Brill

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