Appel à contribution – Hiding sense in the date. Date and historical memory in the Middle Ages

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Proposed book project is based on two sections 1033 and 1133 organized in IMC Leeds 2018 under the title “Inventing Heroes, Reversing Legends, Constructing Facts: The Dynamics of Identity Shaping”. It is the ambition of its redactors to analyze the need for exact dates for establishing historical memory not only from methodological point of view (cf. bellow), but also from the perspective of the medieval and modern historiography.

As for now, the collection includes these contributions Re-membering the competition: Benedictines and new religious orders in the Czech lands (12th century) from a contemporary and modern view; Creating the Identity of the gens Boemorum through the Holy Days of Czech Patrons in the Narrative Sources of Early Přemyslid Bohemia, until 1198; The Forgotten Patrons: The Cult of the Holy Five Brothers in the Czech Lands in the Period between the Middle Ages and the Present; Fashioning Political Cultures in Philip The Good ́s Low Countries and The Great Schism in the letters of patriarch Peter of Antiocheia.

Until February-28, 2020, we will welcome ten-thousand-words-long contributions in English related to the medieval history (not necessarily European). Our goal is to publish them in respectful peer- reviewed series of a renowned publishing house such as Brill, Brepols, or De Gruyter.

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