Colloque – Change and Transformation of Premodern Credit Markets. The importance of small-scale credits

28.10.2019 – 30.10.2019

This interdisciplinary conference focuses on the development of credit markets to mobilize large amounts of capital in the medieval and early modern period. It aims to combine both economic and historical research for investigating premodern credit practices.

Interested scholars are cordially invited. If you wish to attend this conference, please register by 21 October 2019 at:

The conference takes places on the premises of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences:
Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften
Karlstraße 4
69117 Heidelberg

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Programme :

Day 1

13:00 Registration and opening remarks: Schallum Werner (Heidelberg), Stephan Köhler (Mannheim)

13:45 Keynote speech: Gilles Postel-Vinay (Paris)

14:20 Section 1: The functionality of pre-modern credit markets: an economic and social reappraisal
Chair: Ulla Kypta (Basel)

Matthew Stevens (Swansea), Colonization and credit in medieval Wales
Gabriela Signori (Konstanz), Small loans in late medieval urban economics
Sven Rabeler (Kiel), Small credit in a small town. Clerical institutions and the credit market in Kaufbeuren in the fifteenth century.
16:10 Coffee break

16:40 Section 2: A spatial analysis of small-scale credit: urban and rural environments compared
Chair: Daniel Smail (Harvard)

Stephan Köhler (Mannheim), Rural and urban credit in medieval Tyrol
So Nakaya (Osaka), Small loans to rural men in late medieval Tuscany
Benjamin Hitz (Basel), What can court records show us about medieval credit networks? The case of 15th-century Basel

Day 2

10:00 Section 3: The materiality of credit and economic data
Chair: Jochen Streb (Mannheim)

Tony Moore (Reading), Reconstructing credit in medieval London from statute recognisance rolls
David Chilosi (Groningen), Comparing inter-urban transaction costs: capital and wheat markets north and south of the Alps, 1350-1800
Philipp Roessner (Manchester), Credit, velocity and monetary regulation as state capacity and state formation: The example of the early Saxon Thaler/Dollar, 1490s-1530s
11:50 Lunch Buffet

14:00 Section 4: Practices of small-scale credit and the evolution of banking
Chair: Hiram Kümper (Mannheim)

Marcella Lorenzini (Milan), The other side of banking: lending systems in early modern Italy (17th-18th cc.)
Pierre-David Kusman (Brussel), High finance, banking and small-scale moneylending: a new trinity of financial functions for Lombards in the late-medieval Low Countries ?
Christian Hagen (Kiel), Short and long term transformations of urban credit markets. Christian and jewish creditors and debtors in late medieval Vienna
15:50 Coffee break

16:20 Section 5: Escaping Poverty? The importance of small-scale credit in pre-modern Europe
Chair: Ulf-Christian Ewert (Münster)

Hanah Robb (Manchester), Trust and contract in the fifteenth-Century
Mauro Carboni (Bologna), Lending to the working poor: the rise of public pawn banks in early modern Italy
Tanja Skambraks (Mannheim), Strategies of survival: pawnbroking and credit relations in early modern Rome

Day 3

09:30 Final discussion
Chair: Annette Kehnel (Mannheim)

Source : Universität Manheim

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