Publication – « Jacopo da Varagine’s Chronicle of the city of Genoa », éd. et trad. Carrie Beneš

This book offers the first English translation of the Chronicle of the city of Genoa by the thirteenth-century Dominican Jacopo da Varagine, an author best known for his monumental book of saints’ lives, the Golden legend. Jacopo’s Chronicle presents a coherent vision of Genoa’s place in history, the cosmos and Creation as written by the city’s own archbishop – mixing eyewitness accounts with scholarly research about the city’s origins and didactic reflections on the proper conduct of public and private life. Accompanied by an extensive introduction, this complete translation provides a unique perspective on a dynamic medieval city-state from one of its most important officials, broadening the available literature in English on medieval Italian urban life.

C. E. Benes is Professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at New College of Florida


Table des matières :

Jacopo da Varagine, Chronicle of the city of Genoa
Part one: On the foundation of Genoa
Part two: On the early history of Genoa
Part three: On the name of Genoa
Part four: On the Christianisation of Genoa
Part five: On the growth of the city
Part six: On government
Part seven: On rulers
Part eight: On citizenship
Part nine: On domestic life
Part ten: On the Genoese church
Part eleven: The history of Genoa under the bishops
Part twelve: The history of Genoa under the archbishops

Informations pratiques :

Jacopo da Varagine’s Chronicle of the city of Genoa, éd. et trad. Carrie Beneš, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2019 (Manchester Medieval Sources). 304 pages. ISBN : 978-0-7190-9940-3. Prix : £80.00.

Source : Manchester University Press

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