Séminaire – Programme Medieval Seminar Series (Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies, Universiteit Gent)

The programme for the second semester (Jan.-Jun. 2019) of the 2019-2020 Medieval Seminar Series is online! The programme will be updated and expanded throughout the year. Please carefully check times and venues!

As the usual conference room for lunch lectures is no longer available, most lunch and evening lectures will take place in the Blandijn or Plateau buildings of Ghent University. Venues may vary.

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Programme :

15 Jan. 2020
Collaborative Seminar ‘Medieval Landscape and Settlement Research: the Legacy of Adriaan Verhulst’ (Rozier building, Lecture Room 1.3), 09.15-15.30 https://eventmanager.ugent.be/workshopVerhulst

28 Jan. 2020
Lunch Lecture Julie Hotchin (Australian National University), ‘Re-forming space: gender and material culture in late medieval women’s monasteries’ (Plateau, ground floor, Simon Stevin Room), 12.00-13.00

4 Feb. 2020
Lecture Bronwen Neil (Macquarie University), ‘Forging the Faith: Pseudo-Epistolography in Christian Late Antiquity’ (Plateau, 1st floor, Lecture Room 1.3), 15.00-17.00

10 Feb. 2020
Lunch Lecture Rik Opsommer (Ypres City Archive & Ghent University), ‘Het leenrecht in het graafschap Vlaanderen in de 14de en 15de eeuw: bronnen en mogelijkheden voor lokaal en regionaal onderzoek’ (Blandijn, 3rd floor, Camelot Room), 12.00-13.00

5 Mar. 2020
Lunch Lecture Mattia Fochesato (Bocconi University, Milano), ‘Different Local Response to the Black Death’ (Blandijn, 3rd floor, Camelot Room), 12.00-13.00

13 Mar. 2020
Lunch Lecture Stephen Hewers (Trinity College Dublin), ‘Murder was the case that they gave me: legal status of people in medieval English Ireland as seen through criminal case records’ (Blandijn, 3rd floor, Camelot Room), 12.00-13.00

3 Apr. 2020
Lunch Lecture Julian Yolles (Southern Denmark University & University of York), ‘Christian Unity and Religious Polemic in Walter the Chancellor’s Bella Antiochena (c. 1115-22)’ (Blandijn, 3rd floor, Camelot Room), 12.00-13.00

Source : Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies

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