Publication – « The Liber ordinarius of Nivelles: Liturgy as Interdisciplinary Intersection », dir. Eva Schlotheuber and Jeffrey F. Hamburger

Throughout the Middle Ages, the religious women of Nivelles Abbey governed one of the most venerable and powerful ecclesiastical institutions in the Holy Roman Empire, which played a critical role, not only as the center of the cult of St Gertrude, but also as a lynchpin in the power politics of the empire. The recent discovery of the oldest surviving manuscript from the abbey, its Liber ordinarius, thus represents a significant addition to knowledge, not only of Nivelles’ liturgy and the development of the cult of its patron saint, but also of the history of female monasticism in the High Middle Ages. In addition to a wealth of detail concerning the abbey’s liturgical ceremonies, the Liber ordinarius permits fresh insight into the balance of power in this politically highly competitive region in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. It also sheds light on the history, religious life, and the architectural history of the building, which was badly damaged in WWII. The documents incorporated in the manuscript, most of which were previously unknown and which are edited here for the first time, enhance greatly what is known about the politics of the period as well as the inner workings of the abbey at a time of economic and administrative conflict.

Liber Ordinarius

Table des matières :

The Manuscript

Jeffrey F. Hamburger – Description of the Liber ordinarius of Nivelles, Houghton Library, MS Lat 422 and the Date of its Decoration
Albert Derolez – Codicology and Paleography of the Nivelles Liber ordinarius

The Context

Eva Schlotheuber – Pilgrims, the Poor, and the Powerful: The Long History of the Women of Nivelles
Walter Simons – Worlds Apart? Beguine Communities of Nivelles and the Abbey of St Gertrude, from Marie d’Oignies (d. 1213) to the Liber ordinarius (c. 1300)
Rowan Dorin – Order and Disorder: The Documentary Additions to the Liber ordinarius of Nivelles

The Cult

Bonnie Effros – Elizabeth de Bierbais and the Relics of Gertrude of Nivelles
Alison I. Beach – Placet nobis electio: The Election and Investiture of the Abbess at Fourteenth-Century Nivelles
Margot Fassler – Liturgical History and Hagiography as Reflected in the Ordinal of Nivelles, with Emphasis on the Cult of St Gertrude

The Liturgy

Louis van Tongeren – Holy Week in Nivelles
Charles Caspers – On the Road: The Processions of the Canonesses of Nivelles and their Attitude towards the Outside World (c. 1350)

The Architecture

Klaus-Gereon Beuckers – The Abbey Church of St Gertrude in Nivelles: Observations regarding its Architectural Disposition
Andreas Odenthal – Maiorem ecclesiam esse matrem omnium ecclesiarum totius villae: On the Sacral Topography of Nivelles based on the Liber ordinarius – The Documents – Edition, Commentary, and Translation
Thomas Forrest Kelly – Personnel of the Church of Nivelles as seen in the Liber ordinarius
Virginie Greene – The French of Nivelles: A Vernacular Legalese in the Making
Hannah Weaver – Note on the Language of the Documents Pertaining to the Abbey of Nivelles

Eva Schlotheuber and Jeffrey F. Hamburger – Document Edition and Translation

Informations pratiques :

The Liber ordinarius of Nivelles (Houghton Library, MSLat 422). Liturgy as Interdisciplinary Intersection, dir. Eva Schlotheuber and Jeffrey F. Hamburger, Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2020 (Spätmittelalter, Humanismus, Reformation, 111). IX, 513 pages. SMHR 111ISBN 978-3-16-158242-4cloth 119,00 €ISBN 978-3-16-158243-1eBook PDF 119,00.

Source : Mohr Siebeck

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