Appel à contribution – Small is Beautiful: Coins in their Contexts in Ireland, Britain and Europe

Sylloge of Coins of the British isles Symposium on Money and Coinage 2020
11th September 2020

Since 1956 the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles, a British Academy research project, has promoted study of the numismatic remains of Britain and Ireland. It has published 70 volumes, ranging in content from the pre-Roman Iron Age to the seventeenth century. The Sylloge Committee has established a series of symposia for students and scholars to present fresh research on the dynamic subject of coinage, the material culture of money and monetary history. The Committee especially encourages advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in the subject to attend or to offer papers on aspects of their research, and also seeks contributions from early career researchers and established scholars. This is a discipline which thrives on new discoveries and innovative approaches, and which warmly welcomes students trained in archaeology, history, linguistics, art history, and other related areas.

The theme of this symposium is the placing of coinage within its local contexts in Britain, Ireland, and the rest of Europe, over the whole period of the Middle Ages (roughly, the fifth to fifteenth centuries). Over the last few decades, the importance of individual finds of coins for our understanding of the past has been emphasised like never before. Where hoards offer a wide canvas for painting numismatic pictures, individual coins can offer something like the miniature in a cameo. But what do these pictures show? From the significance of finding a lost Northumbrian sceat to the importance of an unknown Merovingian small mint to the iconographical programme implied by a West Frankish portrait denier, coinage can provide important insights into the evolving social, political, cultural, and economic worlds of the Middle Ages. We therefore invite papers which examine the history of medieval Europe on the basis of the analysis of coinage and numismatic material in small-scale contexts.

Owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this event will now take place digitally on 11th September 2020. Please e-mail the organisers if you have any questions about the format.

The committee of the SCBI project invites the submission of proposals for papers on this theme. Please send titles and 150-word abstracts of papers of 20 minutes to Dr Fraser McNair and Dr Murray Andrews at by 14th August 2020.

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