Publication – « Migrants in Medieval England, c. 500-c. 1500 », dir. W. Mark Ormrod, Joanna Story et Elizabeth M. Tyler

This is the only book on the market to provide an in-depth analysis and discussion of the theme of migration in medieval England. Its themes – the movement of people and the social and cultural effects of migration – chime strongly with current debates in the UK on immigration; the book demonstrates that movement was a constant influence on the development of the kingdom of England and the concept of Englishness.

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Notes on Contributors
1:Framing Migration in England, W. Mark Ormrod, Joanna Story, and Elizabeth M. Tyler
2:Isotopic and Genetic Evidence for Migration in Medieval England, Mark Jobling and Andrew Millard
3:Language Contact in Early Medieval Britain: Settlement, Interaction, and Acculturation, Martin Findell and Phillip Shaw
4:Identifying Migrants in Medieval England: The Possibilities and Limitations of Place-Name Evidence, Jayne Carroll
5:Personal Names as Evidence for Migrants and Migration in Medieval England, Peter McClure
6:Moving People, Moving Forms: Narrating Migration in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, Elizabeth M. Tyler and George Younge
7:The Archaeology of Migrants in Viking-Age and Anglo-Norman England: Process, Practice, and Performance, Dawn M. Hadley
8:The Migrant in English Art: Perspectives on Influence and Agency, Julian Luxford
9:Migration in Rural England in the Later Middle Ages, Christopher Dyer
10:English Towns in the Later Middle Ages: The Rules and Realities of Population Mobility, Sarah Rees Jones
11:The State and the Immigrant: Negotiating Nationalities in Later Medieval England, Bart Lambert and W. Mark Ormrod

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Migrants in Medieval England, c. 500-c. 1500, dir. W. Mark Ormrod, Joanna Story et Elizabeth M. Tyler, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2020. 352 Pages | 39 plus 11 tables. 234x156mm. ISBN: 9780197266724. Prix : 80,00 £.

Source : Oxford University Press

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