Séminaire (en ligne) – Texts, images and representations. Approaches and tools to rethink the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

3rd May to 12th June 2021
By Dr. Nadia Consiglieri and Dr. Silvina Vidal

This online seminar focuses on the difficult relationship between text and image, taking as chronological and spatial framework Europe from the Eleventh to the Sixteenth Centuries. Regarded as tools of analysis and reflection on different topics and objects of study (political, social, cultural, artistic, historiographic and ideological), working with texts and images implies for the researcher taking a stand in favor of one approach instead of another, according to his/ her discipline and area of expertise. However, in the day-to-day work with sources, a question still remains: Is there any possible dialogue between images and texts? Beginning by one of these terms could inevitably lead us to different ways of analysis and conclusions. Texts and images entail complex constellations of languages and effects of meaning that although in some cases may coincide or reinforce each other; in others tensions and contradictions may take place. On this view, the course aims at exploring a wide range of methodological tools and theories (drawn from cultural history and art history) regarding the relationship between texts and images, in order to provide Social Sciences and Humanities Doctoral students with an interdisciplinary approach when dealing with this kind of sources. The Seminar will be given in Spanish. Online inscription: From 11th April to 1st May 2021, in Doctorado // Formulario de Inscripción a Seminarios | Secretaría de Posgrado – FFyL

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