Publication — « Poetry, Art, and Music in Guillaume de Machaut’s Earliest Manuscript (BnF fr. 1586) », dir. Lawrence Earp et Jared C. Hartt

Around the middle of a career lasting over forty years, Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300–77) was afforded an outstanding opportunity to present his oeuvre in a book. The occasion arose in the late 1340s, when a special manuscript was commissioned, perhaps by Queen Jeanne de Bourgogne, for the first time collecting all of Machaut’s works, including narrative poems, lyrical poems, musical settings of lyrics, and motets. The manuscript would celebrate Bonne of Luxembourg, the wife of a future king of France. Only the royal treasury could have funded the extraordinary team of craftsmen involved in its production – from the careful preparation of fine parchment, to the calligraphy and ornament of the text, to the carefully copied innovative ars nova musical notation, to the miniatures painted in a shop directed by one of the greatest illuminators in France. Then Bonne died of the Black Death in 1349, just before the manuscript was completed. It would be finished for her son, the future King Charles the Wise. Although Machaut would go on to supervise other manuscripts, none were so luxuriously executed as his first complete-works manuscript (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, fr. 1586), known today as Machaut MS C. The present volume, the first dedicated entirely to MS C, offers a multidisciplinary collection of essays written by fourteen leading scholars, who provide innovative approaches to literary, musical, art-historical, and manuscript studies. It is replete with images, including over sixty colour reproductions from MS C itself.

Lawrence Earp (Emeritus Professor of Musicology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison). His articles focus on late medieval French music and its modern reception. He is the principal author of the commentary to the facsimile of the Ferrell-Vogüé Machaut manuscript.

Jared C. Hartt(Professor of Music Theory at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music). His publications include several articles on the music of Machaut, an edited volume, A Critical Companion to Medieval Motets, and a co-authored monograph, The Dorset Rotulus.

Table des matières :

Introduction — Lawrence Earp

The Manuscript: Aspects of Production and Reception

Machaut’s First Single-Author Compilation — Elizabeth Eva Leach

Made to Measure? On the Intimate Relations between Parchment and Text in MS C’s Remede de Fortune — Anne Stone

A Multimodal Reading of MS C: Order, Decoration, Mutation — Kate Maxwell

Art-Historical Genre and Invention

Courting Convention, Compiling Context: Chansonnier Iconography and Beyond in Machaut’s MS C — Kathleen Wilson Ruffo

The Master of the Remede de Fortune and Parisian Ateliers c.1350 — Kyunghee Pyun

Artifice and Ornament in the Dit dou lyon Garden Miniature — Margaret Goehring

Coming of Age in Guillaume de Machaut’s First Illuminated Dit de l’alerion — Domenic Leo

Narrative and Lyrics

Telling Tales: What Is a dit? — Helen J. Swift

La Loange des dames: Questions of Genre, Layout, Style, and Chronology in the Collection of Unnotated Lyrics in Machaut’s Earliest Manuscript — Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel

Guillaume de Machaut and the Advent of a New School of Lyric c.1350: The Prestige of the Past — Yolanda Plumley

Music: A Focus on the Motets

Approaching the Motets in MS C: Structure, Sonority, Sense — Jared C. Hartt

Sound and Cipher: Number Symbolism in Machaut’s Motets — Jacques Boogaart

Traces of Revision in Machaut’s Motet Bone pastor|— Karen Desmond

Appendix: Gathering Structure of MS C


General Index

Index of Manuscripts

Index of Lyrics by Machaut

Informations pratiques :

Poetry, Art, and Music in Guillaume de Machaut’s Earliest Manuscript (BnF fr. 1586), dir. Lawrence Earp et Jared C. Hartt, Turnhout, Brepols, 2021 (Epitome musical). 476 p., 119 colour ill. + 18 musical examples, 22 b/w tables, 178 x 254 mm. ISBN: 978-2-503-58691-5. Prix : 85 euros.

Source : Brepols

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