Appel à contribution — Reusing Medieval Sculpture: Ideology, Meaning, and Aesthetics of a Process over Time

ICMS Kalamazoo
9-14 May 2022
Deadline : 15 September 2021

Historical sites, as palimpsests of material and symbolic elements, are characterized by the re-functioning of spaces and buildings and also by the re-use of artistic materials. The session aims to analyse cases of reuse of medieval sculpture in modern contexts (roughly 15th-18th centuries) inspired not by practical and material purposes but by the need to communicate messages of high symbolic value. Papers will focus on episodes that allow to recover the “long life” of medieval sculptures over the centuries, in contexts similar or, on the contrary, completely different to the original ones and related phenomena of re-working and re-functionalization. The session is part of the activities of the two-years MemId (Memory and Identity. Reuse, rework and rearrangement of the Medieval sculpture in the Modern Age, between historical research and new technologies) project funded by the Italian Ministry for University and Research, led by Clario Di Fabio, Laura Cavazzini and Paola Vitolo, which is conducting in various regions of Italy a systematic and in-depth study of the topic, with a team of young researchers. The session will be an opportunity to discuss the topic with a wide range of international scholars of different geographical and cultural areas.

Please submit abstracts no later than 15 September through the ICMS Confex site at Please direct all questions or concerns to

Source : Medieval Art Research

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