Colloque – Fragments Conference 2021

This conference, hosted by the Centre for Medieval Studies is devoted to the study of manuscript fragments, and what these fragments can tell us about lost books, medieval and post-medieval book history,and textual history. Research questions may include,but are not limited to:

  • What difference does the manuscript fragment make to the textual tradition of the text it contains?
  • What can manuscript fragments tell us about the lost literature of the Middle Ages and about changing tastes?
  • How can we use evidence from manuscript fragments to piece together the lost book from which it derives and what means do we have at our disposal to do so?
  • How should we catalogue and preserve manuscript
  • What do manuscript fragments tell us about the history of manuscript fragmentation and its agents (e.g. early printers, book collectors, auctioneers, book vandals)?

Please join us together with

Dr David Rundle (University of Kent),
Professor Phillipa Hardman (University of Reading),
Professor Thorlac Turville-Petre (University of Nottingham),

Join our PUBLIC LECTURE by Professor Julian Luxford (University of St Andrews) at 6 pm

Informations pratiques :

This is a two-day conference, the first day (16/09/2021) is taking place on-line, the second day (17/09/2021) is taking place in-person on campus and will not be accessible on-line.

Dates of Event16th September 2021 – 17th September 2021Last Booking Date for this Event13th September 2021

For all queries about this event, please contact:

Source : University of Bristol

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