Publication – Yvette Vanden Bemden et Isabelle Lecocq, « The Stained Glass of Herkenrode Abbey »

The sixteenth-century glazing from Herkenrode Abbey in Belgium constitutes the most significant body of Flemish stained glass in the world. In the early nineteenth century, an English aristocrat took advantage of the secularization of the monasteries on the Continent to purchase the abbey church’s glazing; glass from the abbess’s private chapel was acquired by another English aristocrat.

This account of the glazing, the result of a unique and fruitful collaboration between the Corpus Vitrearum in Great Britain and Belgium, has sections on the three locations in England where the glass is now located – Lichfield, Shrewsbury, and Ashtead – prefaced by a historical introduction on Herkenrode Abbey. It benefits from extensive research into artistic practice in the Low Countries (for art-historical context), draws on the rich documentation in the Lichfield Cathedral archives (for the glass’s reception in England), and presents the insights gained during recent conservation of the glass at Lichfield Cathedral (for the glazing’s execution and condition).

Yvette Vanden Bemden, University of Namur, and Isabelle Lecocq, Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage, Brussels

Yvette Vanden Bemden is a researcher for the study of stained glass in Belgium for the publication of volumes of the Corpus Vitrearum. She is member and former president of the Belgian committee of the Corpus Vitrearum Belgique-België and a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Belgium.

Isabelle Lecocq is the chef de travaux at the Institut royal du Patrimoine artistique, Brussels, initially in the department for conservation/restoration, now in the Documentation Department – Art History Research and Inventory Unit. She is the Secretary of the Corpus Vitrearum Belgique-België; Secretary of The Royal Academy of Archaeology of Belgium; and a scientific collaborator to the University of Liège (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Department of Historical Sciences. Art History and Archaeology of Modern Times).

Table des matières :

National Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum (Great Britain)
National Committee of the Corpus Vitrearum (Belgium)
List of Illustrations
Ground Plan of Lichfield Cathedral
Window Plan
Note to the Reader
Key to the Restoration Diagrams


The Former Abbey of Herkenrode and its Stained Glass
The Former Abbey of Herkenrode
The AbBey Church and Its Decoration
The Herkenrode Glazing: Material History and the Original Scheme
The Glazing of the Abbess’s Private Chapel
Glazing at Other Locations in the Abbey
Glazing from the Abbey Conserved in Belgium


History of Lichfield Cathedral from its Origins until the Civil War
The Anglo-Saxon Cathedral
The Romanesque Cathedral
The Gothic Cathedral
The Civil War

The Herkenrode Glass at Lichfield: Context, Acquisition, Installation, and Restoration
The ‘Lady Choir’
Francis Eginton’s East Window
The Herkenrode Offer
Principal Figures Involved in the Planning
Evolution of the Plan
The Crucifixion Panels
The Herkenrode Glazing and the Lady Chapel
The Herkenrode Glazing Outside the Lady Chapel
The Burlison & Grylls Restoration in the Lady Chapel
The Camm and Winfield Restoration in the Lady Chapel
Restoration of Herkenrode Glass Outside the Lady Chapel
Other Late Nineteenth-Century Work
Camm’s Wartime Restoration

The Herkenrode Glass at Lichfield: Conserving the Lady Chapel Glazing
The Herkenrode Glazing
The Need for Conservation and Protection
Conserving the Glazing

The Herkenrode Glass at Lichfield: Historical and Art-Historical Analysis
Scholarly Interest in the Herkenrode Windows at Lichfield Cathedral in the Nineteenth Century
Locations of the Herkenrode Glazing at Lichfield
Condition and Authenticity
Marks, Glaziers’ Marks, and Inscriptions


Windows in the Lady Chapel
Window I
Window nII
Window nIII
Window nIV
Window sII
Window sIII
Window Siv

Windows Outside the Lady Chapel
Window nVI
Window sVI
Window sXII
Window sXIII
Window sXV
Garland Panel


Architectural and Glazing Overview of the Church
The Herkenrode Glass at Shrewsbury
Catalogue: Part of St John from the Crucifixion Window at Herkenrode Abbey Church


Architectural and Glazing Overview of the Church
The Herkenrode Glass at Ashtead
Catalogue: The Crucifixion with St George, St Anne with the Virgin as a Child, and St Bernard


Appendix 1. Description of the Medieval Glass in Lichfield Cathedral by Thomas Harwood
Appendix 2. Documents in the Aartsbisschoppelijk Archief (Mechelen, Belgium) Relating to Lambert Spulberch at Herkenrode
Appendix 3. Documents in the Rijksarchief (Maastricht, The Netherlands) Relating to Pierre Libotton’s Removal of the Herkenrode Abbey Church Glazing
Appendix 4. Documents in the Lichfield Cathedral Archive Relating to the Herkenrode Glazing and Its Context
Appendix 5. Genealogy of those Members of the de Lexhy Family Represented in the Herkenrode Glazing
Appendix 6. Locations at Lichfield Cathedral of Donors’ Arms
Appendix 7. Cold-Painting Applied by Barley Studio to the Herkenrode Glazing in the Lady Chapel at Lichfield Cathedral
Appendix 8. Glass Erroneously Attributed to Herkenrode


Informations pratiques :

Yvette Vanden Bemden et Isabelle Lecocq, The Stained Glass of Herkenrode Abbey, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2021 (Corpus Vitraearum Medii Aevi: Great Britain). 624 Pages | Approx. 650 colour illustrations. 30 x 21 cm. ISBN : 9780197267189. Prix : GBP 160.

Source : Oxford University Press

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