Publication – « Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe », dir. Nada Zecevic et Daniel Ziemann

The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe summarizes the political, social, and cultural history of medieval Central Europe (c. 800-1600 CE), a region long considered a « forgotten » area of the European past. The 25 cutting-edge chapters present up-to-date research about the region’s core medieval kingdoms — Hungary, Poland, and Bohemia — and their dynamic interactions with neighboring areas. From the Baltic to the Adriatic, the handbook includes reflections on modern conceptions and uses of the region’s shared medieval traditions. The volume’s thematic organization reveals rarely compared knowledge about the region’s medieval resources: its peoples and structures of power; its social life and economy; its religion and culture; and images of its past.

Table des matières :

Introduction: « Central Europe: » Perceptions, Definitions, and Comparisons in a Historiographical Context
Nada Zecevic


  1. Geography, Natural Resources, and Environment
    András Vadas
  2. From Avars and Slavs to the First Medieval Kingdoms in Central Europe: Population and Settlement, 700-1100
    Daniel Ziemann
  3. The Central European States: From Monarchy to Ständestaat
    Julia Burkhardt
  4. Government: Central and Local Administration
    János M. Bak and Suzana Miljan
  5. Law and the Administration of Justice
    János M. Bak and Yuriy Zazuliak
  6. Wars, Warfare, and Military Organization
    Attila Bárány
  7. Cooperation and Conflict in Diplomacy and War within and around Central Europe
    Gerald Schwedler and Pawel Figurski, with contributions by László Veszprémy, Emir O. Filipovic, and Christian Raffensperger


  1. Changing Elites in Medieval Central Europe
    Cosmin Popa-Gorjanu
  2. Locals and Immigrants in Medieval Central Europe
    Stefan Donecker
  3. Gender and Family in Medieval Central Europe
    Michaela Antonín Malaníková, Witold Brzezinski, and Marija Mogorovic Crljenko
  4. Rural Land Management in Medieval Central Europe
    Edit Sárosi
  5. Cities and Towns in Medieval Central Europe
    Katalin Szende and Felicitas Schmieder
  6. Mining, Finances, and Commerce in Medieval Central Europe
    Grzegorz Mysliwski and Balázs Nagy


  1. Cultural Landscapes: Education and Literature
    Farkas Gábor Kiss and Lucie Dolezalová
  2. A History of Social Communication in East- Central Europe: Words, Scripts, and Beyond
    Anna Adamska
  3. Art and Architecture in Medieval East Central Europe
    Béla Zsolt Szakács and Zoë Opacic
  4. Contexts of Late Medieval Daily Life
    Gerhard Jaritz
  5. Religious Practices (and Confessional Variants) in Medieval Central Europe
    Stanislava Kuzmová
  6. The Papacy and the Region, Church Structure, and Clergy
    Agata Zielinska and Igor Razum
  7. Jews in Medieval Central Europe
    Tamás Visi
  8. Monasticism in Medieval Central Europe (c. 800-c. 1550)
    Marie-Madeleine de Cevins, with contributions by Marek Derwich and Beatrix Romhányi


  1. The Image of East Central Europe in Medieval European Literature
    Levente Seláf
  2. Musical Culture in Medieval Central Europe
    Pawel Gancarczyk
  3. The Middle Ages after the Middle Ages: Popular Traditions and Medievalism
    János M. Bak and Gábor Klaniczay


Informations pratiques :

Oxford Handbook of Medieval Central Europe, dir. Nada Zecevic et Daniel Ziemann, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2022 ; 1 vol., 632 p. ISBN : 978-0-19092-071-5. Prix : USD 165,00.

Source : Oxford University Press

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