Publication – « Greek and Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity Form, Tradition, and Context », dir. Berenice Verhelst et Tine Scheijnen

Although Greek and Latin poetry from late antiquity each poses similar questions and problems, a real dialogue between scholars on both sides is even now conspicuously absent. A lack of evidence impedes discussion of whether there was direct interaction between the two language traditions. This volume, however, starts from the premise that direct interaction should never be a prerequisite for a meaningful comparative and contextualising analysis of both late antique poetic traditions. A team of leading and emerging scholars sheds new light on literary developments that can be or have been regarded as typical of the period and on the poetic and aesthetic ideals that affected individual works, which are both classicizing and ‘un-classical’ in similar and diverging ways. This innovative exploration of the possibilities created by a bilingual focus should stimulate further explorations in future research.

Table des matières :

Introduction. Walking the wire. Towards an inclusive approach to Latin and Greek late antique poetry Berenice Verhelst and Tine Scheijnen
Part I:

  1. Rivaling song-contests and alternative Typhonomachies in Ovid and Nonnus: revisiting the issue of Latin influence on Greek poetry in Late Antiquity Katerina Carvounis and Sophia Papaioannou
  2. Greek and Roman epigrammatists in the later imperial period: Ausonius and Palladas in dialogue with the classical past Silvio Bär
  3. Allusion and referentiality in late antique epic Calum Maciver
  4. Speaking from the margins: paratexts in Greek and Latin poetry Aaron Pelttari
    Part II:
  5. The implosion of poetic genre in Late Antiquity Helen Kaufmann
  6. Common texts, (un)common aesthetics: the Greek and Latin cento in dialogue Brian Sowers
  7. A ‘revival’ of the ‘epyllion’ as a ‘genre’? Genre awareness in short epic narrative from Late Antiquity Berenice Verhelst
    Part III:
  8. Saying the other. The poetics of personification in late antique epic Emma Greensmith
  9. Internal audiences in the New Testament epics of Juvencus and Nonnus Laura Miguélez-Cavero
  10. Colluthus and Dracontius: mythical traditions and innovations Marcelina Gilka
  11. Objects of the lusting gaze: viewing women as works of art in late antique poetry Sophie Schoess
  12. Metamorphosis and mutability in late antique epic Philip Hardie.

Informations pratiques :

Greek and Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity Form, Tradition, and Context, éd. Berenice Verhelst, Tine Scheijnen, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2022 ; 1 vol., 300 p. ISBN : 978-1-31651-605- 8. Prix : GBP 75,00.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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