Publication – « Bioarchaeology of Injuries and Violence in Early Medieval Europe », dir. Jorge López Quiroga et Luis Ríos Frutos

Bioarchaeology of Injuries and Violence in Early Medieval Europe presents evidence and documents forms of violence and injuries in skeletal remains. Its contributions address this topic for the first time in a chronologically specific arc (Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages) and a wide geographical area (Greece, England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain). The diversity of examples of interpersonal violence, collective violence (mass graves), punishments, and ante-mortem and post-mortem injuries provides an important data set concerning the degree and dimension of violence and injuries in post-Roman Europe. Osteoarchaeological and bioarchaeological analysis of human remains, together with exhaustive studies of corpses, from the time of burial to exhumation, makes it possible to identify burials as ‘non-normative’, ‘anomalous’ or ‘deviant’ burials that may be the result of violence, including evidence of punishments and executions.

Jorge López Quiroga is Senior Researcher at the Autonomous University of Madrid. His research focuses on Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages in the Iberian Peninsula and in the post-Roman West. He is the editor of Entangled Identities and Otherness in Late Antique and Early Medieval Europe (BAR Publishing, 2017), among others, and co-editor since 2006 of the BAR sub-series Archaeological Studies on Late Antique and Early Medieval Europe (ASLAEME).

Luis Ríos Frutos, Biologist and Anthropologist, is Assistant Professor of Physical Anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid and Researcher at Sociedad de Ciencias Aranzadi. He has authored numerous publications on human bones spanning from the Neanderthals from El Sidrón, to mass graves from the Spanish Civil War.

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Contributors: Kurt W. Alt, Fabrizia Andriani, Fabio Armenise, Agustín Azkárate, Jo Buckberry, Chryssa Bourbou, Mª Paz De Miguel Ibañez, Francisco Etxeberria, I Etxeberria, Véronique Gallien (†), Dawn Hadley, Lourdes Herrasti, Rachel Holgate, Jorge López Quiroga, Alyxandra Mattison, Christian Meyer, Ginevra Anna Panzarino, Patrick Périn, Luis Ríos Frutos, Iban Sánchez-Pinto, Sandro Sublimi Saponetti, Michelle Williams-Ward.

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Bioarchaeology of Injuries and Violence in Early Medieval Europe, éd. Jorge López Quiroga, Luis Ríos Frutos, Oxford, BAR Publishing, 2022 ; 1 vol., 250 p. (Archaeological Studies on Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Europe (400-1000 A.D.). Monographs, 4). ISBN : 978-1-40735-993-9. Prix : GBP : 65,00.

Source : BAR Publishing

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