Publication – « A Cultural History of Objects in the Medieval Age », vol. 32, éd. Julie Lund et Sarah Semple

A Cultural History of Objects in the Medieval Age covers the period 500 to 1400, examining the creation, use and understanding of human-made objects and their consequences and impacts. The power and agency of objects significantly evolved over this time. Exploring objects and artefacts within art, technology, and everyday life, the volume challenges our understanding of both life worlds and object worlds in medieval society.

The 6 volume set of the Cultural History of Objects examines how objects have been created, used, interpreted and set loose in the world over the last 2500 years. Over this time, the West has developed particular attitudes to the material world, at the centre of which is the idea of the object. The themes covered in each volume are objecthood; technology; economic objects; everyday objects; art; architecture; bodily objects; object worlds.

Julie Lund is Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, Norway. Sarah Semple is Professor at Durham University, UK.

Table des matières :

1. Objecthood, Robin Fleming and Katherine L. French
2. Technology, Steve Ashby
3. Economic Objects, Dries Tys and Pieterjan Deckers
4. Everyday Objects: Making and Shaping Medieval Worlds, Toby F. Martin
5. Art, Hans Henrik Lohfert Jørgensen
6. Architecture, Sam Turner
7. Bodily Objects, Bonnie Effros
8. Object Worlds, Ben Jervis and Sarah Semple

Informations pratiques :

A Cultural History of Objects in the Medieval Age, éd. Julie Lund et Sarah Semple, Londres, Bloomsbury, 2022 ; 1 vol., 296 p. (The Cultural Histories Series). ISBN : 978-1-47429-868-1. Prix : USD 99,00.

Source : Bloomsbury

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