Publication – « Thinking of the Medieval. Midcentury Intellectuals and the Middle Ages », dir. Benjamin A. Saltzman et R. D. Perry

The mid-twentieth century gave rise to a rich array of new approaches to the study of the Middle Ages by both professional medievalists and those more well-known from other pursuits, many of whom continue to exert their influence over politics, art, and history today. Attending to the work of a diverse and transnational group of intellectuals – Hannah Arendt, Erich Auerbach, W. E. B. Du Bois, Frantz Fanon, Erwin Panofsky, Simone Weil, among others – the essays in this volume shed light on these thinkers in relation to one another and on the persistence of their legacies in our own time. This interdisciplinary collection gives us a fuller and clearer sense of how these figures made some of their most enduring contributions with medieval culture in mind. Thinking of the Medieval is a timely reminder of just how vital the Middle Ages have been in shaping modern thought.

Table des matières :

Introduction: Directions of Thought – The Middle Ages at the Mid-century
R. D. Perry and Benjamin A. Saltzman

Part I. Politics:

  1. Outside History: Fanon’s Negative Manicheism
    D. Vance Smith
  2. ‘The noblest blood God ever made’: W. E. B. Du Bois’s Medievalism in the Contexts of the World Wars Cord J. Whitaker
  3. Ernst Kantorowicz, Carl Schmitt, and the University of California Regents
    Nancy van Deusen
  4. Hannah Arendt’s Middle Ages for the Left
    R. D. Perry

    Part II. Arts:
  5. Curtius and Jung: Commonplaces, Archetypes, and Literature’s Collective Unconscious
    Emily V. Thornbury
  6. Old English at the Midcentury: Poetry, Scholarship, and Fiction in Britain in the 1940s and 1950s
    Clare A. Lees
  7. Erwin Panofsky’s Neo-Kantian Humanism and the Purported Relation between Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism
    C. Oliver O’Donnell
  8. ‘Are women human?’: Authority, Gender, and Dante in Dorothy L. Sayers’s Scholarship
    Helen Brookman

    Part III. Epochs:
  9. Periodization Trouble: Auerbach, Huizinga, and the Question of Medieval Realism
    Jane O. Newman
  10. Medieval Mysticism and the Making of Simone Weil
    Anna Kelner
  11. Hermeneutics and the Medieval Horizon: Zumthor, Jauss, Barthes, and Gadamer
    Benjamin A. Saltzman

    Martin Jay


Informations pratiques :

Thinking of the Medieval. Midcentury Intellectuals and the Middle Ages, dir. Benjamin A. Saltzman et R. D. Perry, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2022 ; 1 vol., 290 p. ISBN : 978-1-10847-896-0. Prix : GBP 75,00.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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