Séminaire – Medieval History Seminar (University of Cambridge)

The Medieval History seminar brings together scholars of all career stages to hear papers on every area of medieval history from late antiquity to the fifteenth century.

Seminars are usually held in the Boardroom in the Faculty of History, starting at 4pm; all are welcome.

Programme :

Faculty of History, Boardroom 4.00pm, Thursdays

19th January – VIRTUAL SESSION
Prof Robin Fleming (Boston College, US)
When an Anglo-Saxon Pot Isn’t an Anglo-Saxon Pot, and Why Historians Should Care.

2nd February
Prof Sara Lipton (SUNY, NY)
Iconography Against the Grain: How Medieval People Looked At and Learned from Art.

16th February
Prof Tom Licence (UEA)
Sex at the Court of William Rufus

2nd March
Dr Phil Slavin (Stirling)
Uncrossing Wires: Tracing Spatio-Temporal Contours of Late-Medieval Plague Waves, c.1356-1465

27th April
Dr Johannes Preiser-Kapeller (Vienna)
Five emperors, the sun, a volcano and a ghost. Celestial phenomena and dynastic crisis across Afro-Eurasia around the year 800 CE.

11th May
Janna Coomans (Utrecht)
Risk, Health and Urban Environment in the late Medieval Low Countries.

25th May
Stephen Church (UEA)
Decolonising the Angevin “empire”


Professor John Arnold
Professor Tessa Webber
Dr Julie Barrau
Dr Andrew Spencer

and the whole medievalist collective

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