Publication – William Duba, « The Forge of Doctrine. The Academic Year 1330-31 and the Rise of Scotism at the University of Paris »

A rare survival provides unmatched access to the medieval classroom. In the academic year 1330-31, the Franciscan theologian, William of Brienne, lectured on Peter Lombard’s Sentences and disputed with the other theologians at the University of Paris. The original, official notes of these lectures and disputes survives in a manuscript codex at the National Library of the Czech Republic, and they constitute the oldest known original record of an entire university course. An analysis of this manuscript reconstructs the daily reality of the University of Paris in the fourteenth century, delineating the pace and organization of instruction within the school and the debates between the schools. The transcription made during William’s lectures and the later modifications and additions reveal how the major vehicle for Scholastic thought, the written Sentences commentary, relates to fourteenth-century teaching. As a teacher and a scholar, William of Brienne was a dedicated follower of the philosophy and theology of John Duns Scotus (+1308). He constructed Scotist doctrine for his students and defended it from his peers. This book shows concretely how scholastic thinkers made, communicated, and debated ideas at the medieval universities. Appendices document the entire process with critical editions of William’s academic debates (principia), his promotion speech, and a selection of his lectures and sources.​

William Duba (Ph.D., The University of Iowa, 2006), manages the Fragmentarium project at the Université de Fribourg.


Table des matières :

Introduction: William of Brienne (fl. 1330) and MS Praha, NKCR VIII.F.14

Chapter I: The Prague Codex
Chapter II: Bachelor of the Sentences in Paris
Chapter III: Disputatio Collativa
Chapter IV: Lectiones on the Sentences
Chapter V: William of Brienne’s Scotism in the Lectiones
Chapter VI: After the lectures

Conclusion: The Material Residue of the Transmission of Ideas
Appendix A: Guilelmus de Brena, Reportatio in libros Sententiarum. List of Lectiones
Appendix B: Principia in I, II et III Sententiarum
Appendix C: Lectiones 3-4
Appendix D: Lectio 26
Appendix E: . . . Lectio 64
Appendix F: . . . Lectio 71
Appendix G: Principium in theologia
Appendix H: Franciscus de Marchia, IV Sent., Q. 23

Informations pratiques :

William Duba, The Forge of Doctrine. The Academic Year 1330-31 and the Rise of Scotism at the University of Paris, Turnhout, Brepols, 2017 (Studia Sententiarum, 2). XI+444 p., 13 b/w ill., 20 b/w tables, 156 x 234 mm. ISBN: 978-2-503-57327-4. Prix : 85 euros.

Source : Brepols

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