Bourse – Recruitment of Excellent Junior Researchers to the University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen offers positions for the recruitment of excellent young researchers (postdoc-level) in specific research areas. The goal of the program is to attract international junior researchers with excellent career prospects and high chances of success when applying for external junior research group funding to Tübingen.



Funding is available for the junior researcher’s own position (E13, 100%) for up to 12 months. The precondition is that the junior researcher will file an application for a junior research group in a competitive third-party funding program (e.g. Emmy-Noether Program, ERC-Starting Grant, or comparable formats) during this time. After the first year of funding additional funds may be granted on request to bridge the time until the decision on the third-party funding proposal is made (max. 12 months). The prerequisite for these additional funds is that the third-party funding application has been submitted.

Selection Criteria

  • Outstanding research performance (excellent track-record appropriate to academic age, career stage and research field, publications in major scientific journals)
  • At least one year of experience since completion of PhD
  • Independent research profile
  • Excellent research project (scientific quality and originality)
  • Strengthening of specific research areas within the platforms, core facilities, or one of the following areas of core research:

Application Documents

  • Cover letter
  • CV of the junior researcher
  • Letter of recommendation & hosting confirmation of the inviting professor (incl. hosting confirmation in case of a successful third-party grant application)
  • Scientific field and third party grant format in which an application will be filed
  • Short sketch of research idea for the third party grant (1 page)

Application Process

Please hand in your application electronically to Dr. Andrea Schaub, zukunftskonzept[at] .

Deadline : October 2nd, 2017.

Source : Universität Tübingen

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