Appel à contribution – Apparitions and revolutions The public use of hierophanies in political and social transformations from late antiquity to contemporary age

7-9 November 2018

The Department of Historical Studies at the University of Turin is issuing a call for papers for a conference on “Apparitions and revolutions: The public use of hierophanies in political and social transformations from late antiquity to contemporary times” to be held in Turin on 7-9 November 2018.

The aim is to ascertain, in a very broad geographical (Europe and elsewhere) and chronological context (Late Antiquity – the 20th century), if and how revolutions have been accompanied by hierophanic phenomena (Mariophanies, christophanies, hagiophanies…). Revolution is understood as any political, social, economic, cultural or religious transformation that had profound and lasting consequences on the historical context in which it took place.

Naturally, we do not intend to make a catalog of apparitions (individual or collective) associated with moments of rupture in the established order; rather, the idea is to draw on significant case studies to grasp the forms, times and dynamics characterizing the public use of hierophanies occurring in different geographic and political spaces. The conference welcomes contributions ranging from political and religious history to cultural studies and the history of ways of thinking. Proposals displaying particularly broad analytical approaches (in terms of both chronology and geography) will be given priority.

Proposals must be between 1,000 and 2,000 characters, to be presented in Italian, or French, English, Spanish, and accompanied by the applicant’s CV; they will be assessed by the Scientific Committee. The texts of the articles for presentation at the conference must be submitted for publication by 31 January 2019, without exception. Expenses associated with participation in the conference are to be covered by the applicants; upon request, the conference organizers reserve the right to possibly cover accommodation costs for specifically junior researchers during their stay in Turin. The deadline for proposal submissions (please send to with the subject “Apparitions and revolutions”) is 31 December 2017.

The conference scientific committee is made up of: Paolo Cozzo Laura Gaffuri Claudio Gianotto Marta Margotti Adele Monaci Franco Motta Andrea Nicolotti Natale Spineto

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