Publication – Irene O’Daly, « John of Salisbury and the medieval Roman renaissance »

This book is a detailed but accessible treatment of the political thought of John of Salisbury, a twelfth-century author and educationalist who rose from a modest background to become Bishop of Chartres. It shows how aspects of John’s thought – such as his views on political cooperation and virtuous rulership – were inspired by the writings of Roman philosophers, notably Cicero and Seneca. Investigating how John accessed and adapted the classics, the book argues that he developed a hybrid political philosophy by taking elements from Roman Stoic sources and combining them with insights from patristic writings. By situating his ideas in their political and intellectual context, it offers a reassessment of John’s political thought, as well as a case study in classical reception of relevance to students and scholars of political philosophy and the history of ideas.


Irene O’Daly is a Researcher at Huygens ING (De Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen), Amsterdam

Table des matières :

1 The Roman inheritance
2 Nature and reason
3 Defining duties: The cooperative model of the polity
4 Political relationships in context: The body politic
5 Moderation and the virtuous life
6 The princely head
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Informations pratiques :

Irene O’Daly, John of Salisbury and the medieval Roman renaissance, Manchester, Manchester University Press (Manchester Medieval Studies). 256 p. ISBN :
978-1-5261-0949-1. Prix : 75.00.

Source : Manchester University Press

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