Journée d’étude – Avignon as Transcultural Hub

8th February 201
9, St Luke’s Chape

A MALMECC study day considering a range of themes centering around cultural transfers and scientific knowledge in papal Avignon, providing fresh understanding through interdisciplinary discussion based on a series of short position papers. Please see the full programme for more information. All are welcome, with early career scholars particularly encouraged to attend.

Attendance is free, but please contact to register.

On the eve of the study day, participants are encouraged to attend the following presentation in the Seminars in Late Medieval and Renaissance Music series convened by Margaret Bent at All Souls College, Oxford.

7th February 2019: 5-7 pm, Wharton Room, All Souls College, Oxford

Étienne Anheim (Directeur d’études, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris) – ‘The musical chapel of the popes in Avignon during the fourteenth century‘


Programme :

Friday 8th February 2019 – St Luke’s Chapel, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

Karl Kügle: Welcome and opening remarks

Avignon and Italy

Étienne Anheim (EHESS Paris): Social and cultural networks between Avignon and Italy: organization and impact
Sarah Griffin (Oxford): Visual Worlds of Avignon
Coffee Break

Avignon, England, and the Empire

James Hillson (Cambridge): The English in Avignon: English Expatriates and the Tomb of Pope John XXII David Murray (Oxford) and Karl Kügle (Oxford): Avignon in Salzburg, Salzburg in Avignon

Presentation of new ERC project by Maria Sofia Lannutti (Florence), Antonio Calvia (Pavia) and Chiara Martignano (Florence): Ideology and Methodology of the Project European Ars Nova: Multilingual Poetry and Polyphonic Song in the Late Middle Ages
Lunch Break

Avignon and 14c scholarship

Philipp Nothaft (Oxford): Scientific Patronage in Papal Avignon

Avignon and Iberia

Karen Cook (Hartford): Music Theory in Avignon: Johannes Pipardi and the Catalán Copyist of Seville 5.2.25
Coffee break

Anna Alberni and Stefano Cingolani (Barcelona): King Peter the Ceremonious, the Royal
Chapel and the Papal Court at Avignon: imitation of a secular or of a religious power?

Avignon vs Rome

Christophe Masson (Oxford): 1378, the end of universal Avignon? Some thoughts about cultural consequences of the Schism
Final Discussion and closing statement

Source : MALMECC

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