Colloque – Narrating history across languages in medieval Europe

Narrating history across languages in medieval Europe is an international conference hosted at King’s College London and organised by The Values of French in collaboration with the British Library. The conference will consist of ten papers from speakers across a range of disciplines and languages. Focusing on the languages that were used to narrate history during the Middle Ages, we will ask questions not only about what the languages of history were, but also about the reasons driving these linguistic choices and about the places in which these languages were used. While ‘French outside France’, uses of French outside the ‘Hexagone’, is undoubtedly our primary area of interest, it is also our source of inspiration for investigating historiographic practices in other languages and in other contexts.

For the occasion, one of the British Library’s ‘treasures’ cases is housing two of the London manuscripts of the Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César, namely: Additional 15268 (made in Acre) and Royal 20 D I (made in Naples). These manuscripts, key to our project, are representative of the wide geographic scope of the Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César’s textual tradition, an inherently Mediterranean work which ‘travelled’ from France through to Italy and the Middle East. Our graduate students have curated the exhibition case and also written a blog for the British Library’s Medieval Manuscripts Blog. The British Library will host Robert Bartlett’s plenary lecture, which will also form part of its events programme.

This conference is supported by funding from the ERC and is also sponsored by the Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies at King’s College London.

A limited number of student travel bursaries are available. To register your interest, please contact us at the email address below.


Programme :

Friday 14 June

9.00am Registration and coffee

9.45am Introduction
10.00am Simon Gaunt (King’s College London), ‘Babel and the language(s) of universal history in the Middle Ages’
11.00am Coffee

11.30am Teresa Shawcross (Princeton University), ‘From Liutprand of Cremona to Robert de Clari: Wonder and the Translation of Knowledge Before and After the Crusader Conquest of Constantinople’
12.30pm Lunch

2.00pm Karla Mallette (Ann Arbor), ‘Furtuna fallenti: Sicilian vernacular history as affective history’
3.00pm Serena Ferente (King’s College London), ‘A story from the Genoese Black Sea: Ogdoas and the Wandering Jew’
5.30pm Buffet and reception at the British Library Knowledge Centre

Plenary lecture (British Library Knowledge Centre)

7.00pm Robert Bartlett (University of St Andrews), ‘The languages of history in the Middle Ages’
Royal f.154r

Saturday 15 June

9.00am Coffee

9.30am Mark Chinca (University of Cambridge), ‘Kaiserchronik connections’
10.30am Jill Ross (University of Toronto), ‘Language, Culture and Power in Guillem de Torroella’s La Faula’
11.30am Coffee

12.00pm Julian Weiss (King’s College London), ‘The French Connection: Cultural Colonization and the Mocedades de Rodrigo’
1.00pm Lunch

2.30pm Rosa M. Rodríguez Porto (University of Southern Denmark / Danish Institute for Advanced Studies), ‘Multilingualism and visual literacy: The development of the illustrated history book (1250-1280)’
3.30pm David Wallace (University of Pennsylvania), ‘Literature Happens: Where and When’

Informations pratiques :

14-15 June 2019

Council Room (K2.29), Strand Campus, King’s College London

An international conference organised by The Values of French
(An ERC Advanced Grant at King’s College London)

Registration deadline: 30 April 2019.

Contact for enquiries:

Source : The Values of French

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