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Monasteries and Sacred Landscapes & Byzantine Connections – Volume 9. 2019
medieval worlds
Volume 9. 2019
ISSN Online: 2412-3196
ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-8612-0
Subject Area: Medieval Studies

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Table of Contents

Walter Pohl – Ingrid Hartl
Editor’s Preface 2

Andrew Harris
An Old Ritual Capital, a New Ritual Landscape: Understanding the Transformation of Angkor Thom, Cambodia through the Construction and Placement of Theravāda »Buddhist Terraces«

Michel Kaplan
The Monasteries of Athos and Chalkidiki (8th-11th Centuries): A Pioneering Front?

Matheus Coutinho Figuinha
Pro qualitate loci et instantia laboris: Monasteries and their Human and Natural Environments in Late Antique Gaul

Albrecht Diem
The Limitations of Asceticism

Edward M. Schoolman
Greeks and »Greek« Writers in the Early Medieval Italian Papyri

Francesca Dell’Acqua – Clemens Gantner
Resenting Byzantine Iconoclasm. Its Early Reception in Italy through an Inscription from Corteolona

Johannes Preiser-Kapeller – Ekaterini Mitsiou
Mercantile and Religious Mobility between Byzantines, Latins and Muslims, 1200-1500: On the Theory and Practice of Social Networks

Pia Carolla
»A Universal Narrative of Humanity«. Travelling to the ›Other‹ from Constantinople: Priscus of Panion (5th c. CE) and William of Rubruk (13th c. CE)

Source : Medieval Worlds

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