Publication – Peter Van Nuffelen, « Historiography and Space in Late Antiquity »

The Roman Empire traditionally presented itself as the centre of the world, a view sustained by ancient education and conveyed in imperial literature. Historiography in particular tended to be written from an empire-centred perspective. In Late Antiquity, however, that attitude was challenged by the fragmentation of the empire. This book explores how a post-imperial representation of space emerges in the historiography of that period. Minds adapted slowly, long ignoring Constantinople as the new capital and still finding counter-worlds at the edges of the world. Even in Christian literature, often thought of as introducing a new conception of space, the empire continued to influence geographies. Political changes and theological ideas, however, helped to imagine a transferral of empire away from Rome and to substitute ecclesiastical for imperial space. By the end of Late Antiquity, Rome was just one of many centres of the world.


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List of contributors

Introduction: from imperial to post-imperial space in Late Ancient historiography Peter Van Nuffelen
1. Constantinople’s belated hegemony Anthony Kaldellis
2. Beside the rim of the ocean: the edges of the world in fifth- and sixth- century historiography Peter Van Nuffelen
3. Armenian space in Late Antiquity Tim Greenwood
4. Narrative and space in Christian chronography: John of Biclaro on East, West, and orthodoxy Mark Humphries
5. The Roman Empire in John of Ephesus’ Church history: being Roman, writing Syriac Hartmut Leppin
6. Changing geographies: West Syrian ecclesiastical historiography, AD 700–850 Philip Wood
7. Where is Syriac Pilgrimage literature in Late Antiquity? Exploring the absence of a genre Scott Johnson


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Peter Van Nuffelen, Historiography and Space in Late Antiquity, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2019. ISBN : 9781108481281. Prix : 75 £.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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