Publication – « Medieval Historical Writing. Britain and Ireland, 500–1500 », dir. Jennifer Jahner, Emily Steiner et Elizabeth M. Tyler

History writing in the Middle Ages did not belong to any particular genre, language or class of texts. Its remit was wide, embracing the events of antiquity; the deeds of saints, rulers and abbots; archival practices; and contemporary reportage. This volume addresses the challenges presented by medieval historiography by using the diverse methodologies of medieval studies: legal and literary history, art history, religious studies, codicology, the history of the emotions, gender studies and critical race theory. Spanning one thousand years of historiography in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, the essays map historical thinking across literary genres and expose the rich veins of national mythmaking tapped into by medieval writers. Additionally, they attend to the ways in which medieval histories crossed linguistic and geographical borders. Together, they trace multiple temporalities and productive anachronisms that fuelled some of the most innovative medieval writing.

Jennifer Jahner is Assistant Professor of English at the California Institute of Technology.

Emily Steiner is Professor of English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth M. Tyler is Professor of Medieval Literature at the University of York. 

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Medieval Historical Writing. Britain and Ireland, 500–1500, dir. Jennifer Jahner, Emily Steiner et Elizabeth M. Tyler, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2019. 235 x 158 x 33 mm, 596 p. ISBN : 9781107163362. Prix : 115 £.

Source : Cambridge University Press

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