Publication – « Power and Place in Europe in the Early Middle Ages », dir. Jayne Carroll, Andrew Reynolds et Barbara Yorke

This volume brings together a series of case studies of spatial configurations of power among the early medieval societies of Europe. The geographical range extends from Ireland to Kosovo and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean world and brings together quite different scholarly traditions in a focussed enquiry into the character of places of power from the end of the Roman period into the central middle ages. The book’s strength lies in the basis that it provides for a comparative analysis of the formation, function and range of power relations in early medieval societies. The editors’ introductory chapter provides an extended scene setting review of the current state of knowledge in the field of early medieval social complexity and sets out an agenda for future work in this topical area. The regional and local case studies found in the volume, most of them interdisciplinary, showcase detailed studies of particular situations at a range of scales. While much previous work tends to focus on comparisons with the classical world, this volume emphasises the uniqueness of early medieval modes of social organisation and the need to assess these societies on their own terms.


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1: Power and Place in Europe in the Early Middle Ages, Jayne Carroll, Andrew Reynolds and Barbara Yorke
2: Meeting in the Shadow of Heroes? Personal Names and Assembly Places, John Baker
3: ‘Folk’ Cemeteries, Assembly and Territorial Geography in Early Anglo-Saxon England, Stuart Brookes
4: Locating Meaning in Later Anglo-Saxon England: Meeting-Places of the witan, 924-1016, Levi Roach
5: Cooking-Pit Sites as Possible Assembly Places: Lunde in Vestfold, South-East Norway-A Regional Assembly Site in the Early Iron Age?, Marie Ødegaard
6: Viking Age and Medieval Assemblies in Western Norway: Approaches to Identification of Sites, Halldis Hobaek
7: Accommodating Assemblies, as Evidenced at the 6th-11th-Century ad Royal Residence at Lake Tissø, Denmark, Lars Jørgensen, Lone Gebauer Thomsen and Anne Nørgaard Jørgensen
8: Houses of Representatives? Courtyard Sites North of the Polar Circle: Reflections on Communal Organisation from the Late Roman Period to the Viking Age, Frode Iversen
9: Churches as Assembly Places in Early Medieval Italy, Alexandra Chavarría Arnau
10: Community Meetings in Early Medieval Castile, Julio Escalona
11: The Language of Justice in Northern Iberia before ad 1000, Wendy Davies
12: Luxeuil in the Merovingian Kingdom, Ian Wood
13: Structures of Power: From Imperial Villa to Monastic Estate at Villamagna, Italy, Elizabeth Fentress and Caroline Goodson
14: Ulpianum-Nyeuberge-Prişthine: Places of Power on the Plain of Kosovo, Felix Teichner
15: Power, Place and Territory in Early Medieval South-East Wales, Andrew Seaman
16: Making Provincial Kingship in Early Ireland: Cashel and the Creation of Munster, Patrick Gleeson
17: Living Near the Sea: The Organisation of Frisia in Early Medieval Times, Egge Knol
18: Archaeology and Geographies of Jurisdiction: Evidence from South-East Suffolk in the 7th Century, Christopher Scull
19: Mints, Moneyers and the Geography of Power in Early Medieval England and its Neighbours, Rory Naismith
20: Spatial Configurations of Power in Anglo-Saxon England: Sidelights on the Relationships between Boroughs, Royal Vills and Hundreds, Andrew Reynolds
21: Property and Governance: Making the Anglo-Saxon Agricultural Landscape, Susan Oosthuizen

Informations pratiques :

Power and Place in Europe in the Early Middle Ages, dir. Jayne Carroll, Andrew Reynolds et Barbara Yorke, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2019 (Proceedings of the British Academy). 496 Pages | 115 figures. 234 x 156mm. ISBN: 9780197266588. Prix : 105 £.

Source : Oxford University Press

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