Publication – Eyal Poleg, « A Material History of the Bible, England 1200-1553 »

This book is the first in-depth study of the production and use of Bibles in late medieval and early modern England. Over three and a half centuries, from the nascent universities and Latin Bibles of the thirteenth century to the death of Edward VI in 1553, it puts a new perspective on the advent of moveable type print and religious reform. Based on the analysis of hundreds of biblical manuscripts and prints it reveals how scribes, printers, readers, and patrons have reacted to religious and political turmoil. The material evidence undermines traditional narratives, revealing, for example, evidence of Church worship in English prior to the Reformation, or seeing Henry VIII’s Great Bible as a useless book.

Eyal Poleg is a Senior Lecturer in Material History at Queen Mary University of London. His work combines the analysis of books and objects with the study of pre-modern religion. He trained in history, photography, comparative religion, and book history, all invaluable in the study of the medieval and early modern Bible. He explores how Bibles were created and used, and how people, lay and religious alike, got to know their Bibles in the Middle Ages and early modernity. He is fascinated by the information contained in medieval books and objects, and develops new means for their analysis, often in collaboration with scientists, curators, and librarians.

Table des matières :

List of Abbreviations
List of Figures
List of Appendices
1:The Late Medieval Bible: Beyond Innovation
2:Wycliffite Bibles and the Limits of Orthodoxy
3:The First Printed English Bible(s
4:The Great Bible as a Useless Book
5:Into Fast Forward: The Bibles of Edward VI
Appendix 1: Innovative LMBs
Appendix 2: Editions of the Great Bible in the Reign of Henry VIII
Appendix 3: Single-Volume Bibles Printed in the Reign of Edward VI

Informations pratiques :

Eyal Poleg, A Material History of the Bible, England 1200-1553, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2020 (British Academy Monographs). 256 Pages | 46 colour images. 246x189mm ISBN: 9780197266717. Prix : 67 £.

Source : Oxford University Press

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